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  1. Please, anyone?
  2. I want to implement clipping in D3D. But I don't know which is the most efficient way? Stencilling or Clipping Plane? Anyone can tell me?
  3. I wrote a 2D programme with D3D. And I used four clipping planes. I want to implement the following clip effect. Outside of the rect comprised of four clipping planes is the draw area, but the area inside is clipped. How I can implement this effect? Please, help. 4th 1st clipping plane |--------------------| |///////////////////////| |////clipping area/////| 2nd |///////////////////////| |--------------------| 3rd [Edited by - Luffy on November 13, 2004 3:29:47 AM]
  4. Using transformed vertices is not a good idea. D3D will not supply cliping on the transformed vertices, so you have to clip by yourself. It is recommanded to use Orthogonal projection.
  5. I used 2 clipping planes and they work well. The object has been clipped by these two clipping planes, no error occurs. But when I want to change clip status of the device by using the method ::SetClipStatus, it has no effect no matter how I combine the D3DCS_* bits, I created the device by using D3DREATE_SOFTWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING flag. And I have checked the device caps, MaxUserClipPlanes = 6; [Edited by - Luffy on November 13, 2004 3:30:24 AM]
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