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  1. thallish

    C# question

    First a question. Why do you want to reverse the numbers? Take at look of the String class and the Convert class. These could help you on your way[smile].
  2. thallish

    How big are you?

    According to google calculator I am standing 6 feet tall weighing in at 185 lbs. Mostly muscle. Still there is a little issue about some hard to remove love handles:-)
  3. Just have a comment. Is this just a play on design or are you really planning on designing you application like this? Because then I have to ask why do you want to hard code the range of animations you can perform?
  4. You could begin looking at this site.
  5. thallish

    [D3D] My sprite is stretched, help!!

    You are welcome. For further understanding of the method check the DirectX SDK. It is worth the read[wink]
  6. thallish

    [D3D] My sprite is stretched, help!!

    Look into D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx and specify D3DX_DEFAULT_NONPOW2 in the width and height. If the device supports non power of 2 textures it will not be scaled[wink]
  7. thallish

    HLSL beginer..

    No. I would render all objects with the diffuse light effect to a buffer/texture. Then I would take this texture as variable in the brightness effect, change brightness, and then render this to the frame buffer, or another texture if you have more effects to apply. Post processesing means that after you have rendered all relevant objects to a buffer, you apply certain effects on the resulting image. That is how I interpret it anyway[wink]
  8. thallish

    HLSL beginer..

    Well as the two things you want to accomplish are different in terms of which area the affect, as in the rendering of the model and change in brightness of the screen I would split them up in two different techniques. Whether or not they are in the same file is insignificant as far as I know, but it will probably be a good idea to have some structure in your effect files, so one file contains similar techniques or the multiple techniques used for a certain effect like HDR rendering.
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone could give the cons and pros of doing as in the following two examples. If I always create a new empty List ( or some other object/value ) does it at all have an impact if the declaration is done as class Some { List<whatever> aList = new List<whatever>(); public Some() {} } instead of doing class Some { List<whatever> aList; public Some() { aList = new List<whatever>(); } } If both methods are alright when should the one be used over the other? does it matter? Thanks!
  10. thallish

    [.net] Form To Form Communication

    Well apparently Form2 has no idea that Form1 exist. Does Form2 contain a Form1 object? if you you show the entire code it might be easier to see what can be done. And remember to use [*source][*/source]tags without the *'s [wink]
  11. Link to the press release
  12. thallish

    Send mail

    Look here. This helped me using GMail to send.
  13. thallish

    Practical Direct3D Programming

    Looks god. Though I do think that your water would do better as lava. It has that slow moving sensation and bulging feel[smile]
  14. Ok thanks a lot. I will look into that chapter at once.
  15. Hi I want to create my game editor with Winforms in C# .NET because I find this easier, while keeping my engine in C++ and DirectX. Now this would imply that I need to create C++/CLI wrapper of my engine to use it in Winforms. Is this the most appropriate way to go about it? Now if this is the case does anybody have some good references to get started with this task? Regards
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