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    The Sunken City

    People who lived there their whole lives might not look at it in terms of 'is rebuilding this city worth the money?' - to them any amount of money would be worth it. If Washington decided not to rebuild it, or even to rebuild it elsewhere, then there would proabably be a loud outcry from those who really wanted it rebuilt. So the question is, is it worth the money from Washington's point of view to avoid such an outcry. Im sure theyve got some kind of formula or process to figure out wether or not to do it, and you can bet all the variables in the formula boil down to money and government reputation, not the actual people in n'orleans.
  2. CosmoKramer

    extreme girl troubles

    I never usually read the girl troubles threads because they are usually depressing, but heres mine, I hope someone reads it. Ive never felt so horrible in my life. I met a girl in 1st year university, and we started going out. Since I'm *extremely* shy, and she was very outgoing, it was her who approached me. It was my first girlfriend ever. She was crazy about me and told me she loved me 10 times day, and it really showed. She said she would never leave me and after a year or to she started talking about marriage and wanting kids etc etc. Naturally I didnt like the idea of marriage quite yet, so I discouraged it, and it wasnt too much of an issue. We had our ups and downs, mostly ups. Time went on, and we graduated at the same time from the same university program. Still together. We spent ALL of our time together. For the entire time we were going out, I dont think we were apart for more than 2 days max. I didnt mind. I sort of lost contact with a lot of my friends somewhat, but not entirely since we had a lot of mutual friends. But 99% of my time was spent with her so naturally my friends became more distant. Last september (4 months after graduating), I moved halfway accross the country to do my Masters at a different university, and of course she came with me. I didnt know anyone in this new city, no family or friends or anything. And since Im so shy, I still to this day havnt really met anyone here. School didnt work out for me (I really really didnt like masters work), but we stayed in the city anyway to find work (she was already working, and I later found a job). Our relationship wasnt perfect, weve had our fights just like everyone else, but all in all it was mostly still ok. Last night she dumped me flat out, after 6 years together. I tried my best to convince her to give it one more shot, but she said weve given it 6 years, whats one more shot going to do? So now shes gone, just like that. The only girl Ive ever had, and my only friend in this big city. I am absolutely completely miserable. I cant stop thinking about her, and about what I did wrong, and about how I could possibly get her back. She told me shes not interested in marriage at all anymore, so I know that isnt what the problem is. Besides, she knows I have warmed up to the idea of marriage and kids, and would marry her in a second. Now shes gone. Every second that goes by feels like hours and hours and I just want the pain to stop. I want her back so bad. I told her that no matter what it was she didnt like about me, I was willing to change it, but she was adamant. I am completely hopless right now. I know everyone in my situation always says they'll never find anyone again, and never be happy again, but this is different. You dont understand how shy I am. Most people in my situation have friends who take them out and get them drunk and keep their mind off things, keep them from going insane. Ive got no one at all. I cant sleep because my brain wont stop racing through the last 6 years, and thinking about how happy I was, and about what I might have done better, and regretting not being a better boyfriend. I havnt eaten since it happened and Im not even hungry. Im scared I might get fired from my job because my head isnt straight. Before she left she told me I should get out more and meet more people. I wish it were that easy. Im too shy. Anyone that Ive met in the last 6 years were people that she met, and then introduced me to them. She says 'just dont be shy'. I wish to god I could change that but I cant. I cant 'just be not shy' just as much as you cant 'just grow another foot taller'. I dont even want to meet new people. Well I do, but what I really want is her back. When we were happy together I didnt need anyone else. Im not all that close to my family so I dont really have them to talk to either. They didnt even know I as going out with her for the first 3 years. Please give me some real advice! Something I can use. I can only think of one thing to make the pain stop and I dont like thinking about that.
  3. Quote:Original post by CodeBlue Here's one I just whipped up: You should make it look like its a windows application, with the grey outline and the blue title bar and everything. And the Title in the titlebar is "GOD 1.0" or something like that.
  4. CosmoKramer

    Watching DVDs over network? possible?

    Thanks guys! rating++'s all around :)
  5. Only one computer on my LAN has a dvd player, but that computer doesnt have sound or even a decent monitor. Can I watch a dvd movie by putting it in the DVD player on that computer, but watch it over the network from my gaming machine? Ive tried it with the crappy dvd player software I currently have installed on my gaming rig, but it didnt have the option to select a shared network dvd drive, it only detected my regular cd rom drive as a source, and obviously that wont work. While were on the topic, what is the best free DVD player software out there?
  6. CosmoKramer

    I need a BIOS flash apparently ?

    Quote:Original post by Drew_Benton If you are talking about the 137GB being detected when you are trying to install either OS, then let me know, because that requires a different set of instructions. Im not sure what you mean by this... All i know is its supposed to be a 200gig drive, but windows(xp and server) only recognizes and reports it as 137.
  7. CosmoKramer

    I need a BIOS flash apparently ?

    Ok it says 'soltek' in a few places, but Im guessing that cant be it, because ive already said that 3 times... Plus, I cant see any numbers or any other identification, just the word 'soltek' in big letters. It also says 'intel' but thats sort of on a chip thats part of the motherboard, instead of the motherboard itself (no i dont mean the processor).
  8. CosmoKramer

    I need a BIOS flash apparently ?

    Ok ive got the case off... There are about 100 different names and numbers on this thing... still looking... what am i looking for exactly?
  9. CosmoKramer

    I need a BIOS flash apparently ?

    No I dont know what my board is, thats kind of what Im asking. It says Soltek, but it also says AMI and american megatrends and some other crap but I dont know which of these names I should care about. Ive gone to both the soltek and American megatrends websites but I couldnt find anything. Also, my computer doesnt have a floppy drive.
  10. CosmoKramer

    I need a BIOS flash apparently ?

    So Ive got a 200 gig hard drive. But windows (XPPRO and SERVER2000) thinks its 137 gigs. I asked Google, and he said that windows should support drives that big, but that my BIOS might be the problem. I apparently need a bios flash? But this is easier said than done. I My BIOS is AMI, I think, so I went to the american megatrends website, but didnt really know what to look for there. I also noticed that my computer has the 'Soltek' Logo while booting, so I checked out the soltek website, but couldnt find my board either. What the hell is my board? I was able to get this number off the screen during boot-up: 62-1000-001136-00101111-040201 I845GL -6A69VSAK- And its all I have to go on. What do I do?
  11. CosmoKramer

    What The Hell?

    check you hosts file on whatever computer is causing you problems
  12. CosmoKramer


    Quote:Original post by Yosh Maggots really aren't that gross - neither are worms. You know, it's funny though, how such words as maggots and worms carry such stigmas with them. Probably do to the fact that people have compared low-lifes to worms and maggots in the past, and things hatching seemingly out of thin air ought to have made a few people soil their drawers. :p No, maggots really really are gross. Even if you try to rationalize it by saying its just baby flies, and its just another one of gods creatures just like everyone of us, and each maggot is unique and beautiful and special in its own way, they still are fucking gross. I remember going to a friends house who had a dog who had a big ass cow bone, and I remember seeing the inside of it was just packed with maggots - all squirming and writhing at once. That image is still burned into my brain even though it was many years ago.
  13. CosmoKramer


    If you dont plan on keeping the slow cooker anyway, cook the fuckers real good right in the slow cooker and see how they like that.
  14. CosmoKramer

    Electrostatics Science Question of Quake(times 2)

    Airplanes have been known to be struck by lightning while flying, if that helps any. [Edited by - CosmoKramer on August 25, 2005 3:42:45 PM]
  15. CosmoKramer

    IDE Hard Drive 'Tricks'

    I dont know if you were addressing me or not, but I was planning on using Win2000 pro...
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