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  1. [web] web hosting (sory is this is off topic)

    lcr still has the best deals, if these guys had 5megs of space then I would. this site is going to be a game hostine site (I will take most anyones in).
  2. Test my game

    nice :)
  3. [web] web hosting (sory is this is off topic)

    so you think he is on the level?
  4. http://lcrhosting.com has anyone here heard of them, there offers make me wonder if they are a legit company.
  5. my first openGL game

    let us choose the frame rate
  6. my first openGL game

    I will host it, it is at http://www.freewebs.com/cpluspluscode/glpong.zip what is your name, I will include that.
  7. collision help

    this works if(bypos<ypos) { return; } if(xpos < bxpos + 50 && ypos + 170 > bypos) { bspeed = -bspeed; buspeed = -buspeed; printf("\nboom\n"); }
  8. collision help

    dont tell me it is messy, I know, I am going to read a few books on game design and such. and that doesnt work, I changed it to: if(xpos < bxpos + 50 && ypos + 170 > bypos) but it bounces if it is on or over it.
  9. collision help

    there is bspeed ans buspeed, at before it draws it goes: bxpos +=bspeed; bypos +=buspeed; speed is always 6 and uspeed is 4-7, bspeed is the x speed, buspeed is the y's
  10. collision help

    here is relevant code void pong::hit() { if(bypos < ypos + 50 && bypos + 170 > ypos) { bspeed = -bspeed; buspeed = -buspeed; } } //init stuff xpos=800; ypos=150; bxpos = 250; bypos = 300; bspeed = 6; buspeed = 0;
  11. collision help

    wont collide
  12. collision help

    if (bxpos>750 && bypos <= (ypos + 171) && bypos <=ypos)
  13. collision help

    I need to detect colision of a ball and a paddle for a game of pong, I have tried sooo much and it wont work, here are the dementons: paddle: 50,170 ball: 52,52 xpos,ypos: the x and y position of the paddle bxpos,bypos: the x and y of the ball | |^ |y | | | | x-> -------------------- everything I do bounces off the very top and above the paddle, or it doesnt care if the paddle is there, it will bounce, anyonw know that the if statment should be?
  14. Anyone like to join in a noobie project?

    I will help, my e-mail is c_programmer@sbcglobal.net note: I am into graphics, but I still would like to help, I need to get back tot he basics anyway.
  15. need help on a game of pong

    this is what it looks like: x ------------------- | | y | | | | | |