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  1. hey there... in my blackjack game i want a little number on the side to say what the cards add up to but im not sure what to use it could be 1.)a textbox or 2.)a label ive tried both and the havent worked i guess i dont know what the code would be for the cards that would show up and do the addition if someone could explain to me how to do this with an example it would be greatly appreciated EDIT: I am using vb.net 2003 with VB6 controls thanks... [Edited by - bobmango on April 15, 2005 10:22:10 PM]
  2. bobmango

    BlackJack VB help

    im kind of confused so your saying that i would have it set for example i would randomize it so that at point 200 a card shows up at point 250 another card shows up ^^^if thats right im confused on going about this
  3. bobmango

    BlackJack VB help

    hey there in my blackjack game for Visual Basic i need a little help with my cards being visible im creating it with only visible and enabled commands (Example: twodiamonds.visible = true) so far im done except when you press hit for example the cards are too close together and you cant see what you have. ive tried to space them apart (for example: threehearts.left = 200) this only happens to some cards since its all randomized but the problem with that is there is too many cards and not enough space ive also had the cards hit in front of each other meaning when u press hit the queen of clubs covers up the 10 of hearts - for an example does anyone know how i can have the cards visible but spaced apart at the same time? (im trying to explain this in the best possible way i can and it sounds a bit confusing. If any questions please ask!)
  4. bobmango

    visual basic question

    ive been looking around at visual basic to buy lately and im used to using visual basic 6 in school and on amazon i found visual basic .NET just curious if its the same thing just with a couple add-ons for websites and such? thanks
  5. bobmango

    For all advanced programmers!

    alright thanks guys i used the system pause and it worked thanks but im curious about the Min Gw Ds where would i find it???
  6. bobmango

    For all advanced programmers!

    im really new at this so if you could give me the exact way to write it in my source file so i can practice with it that would be great
  7. Please Help!! im new at programming therefore im new at C++. So i bought a book which is working great except for this problem. U see i bought the Beginning C++ Game Programming book by Michael Dawson. And im using the Dev-C++ software that came with it. i was working on one of the excercises in the book and when i compiled and ran the program it worked fine. But this was an excercise that i was supposed to hit enter to have the program stay stuff back.And i press enter and the program runs so quickly that it brings me back to my code. Im on page 45 doing the menu chooser program if anyone has the book. He is using Microsoft Visual Studio and i was wondering if maybe instead i should be using that instead of Dev C++. Anyway heres the code im working on. // Menu Chooser // Demonstrates the switch statement #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Difficulty Levelsn\n\n"; cout << "1 - Easy\n"; cout << "2 - Normal\n"; cout << "3 - Hard\n"; int choice; cout << "Choice: "; cin >> choice; switch (choice) { case 1: cout << "You picked Easy.\n"; break; case 2: cout << "You picked Normal.\n"; break; case 3: cout << "You picked Hard.\n"; break; default: cout << "You made an illegal choice.\n"; } return 0; } if u could answer my questions that would be great
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