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  1. kSquared

    15 nanoseconds of fame

    My Google interview post (more than a year old now) got dugg earlier today. h/t: dohtem, for pointing it out to me. The digg, at ~1,200 diggs and counting thus far; the comments. No associated blog entry today, although we did post about the ongoing Gang of Four/Chinese censorship idiocy earlier today. Fun stuff.
  2. kSquared

    Sex workers give GTA the shaft

    Obvious jokes aside, it looks like the Sex Workers Outreach Project is serious about its call to boycott GTA. Curiously, they vehemently oppose censorship, but "since the video game Grand Theft Auto accrues points to players for the depiction of the rape and murder of prostitutes, SWOP-USA calls on all parents and all gamers to boycott Grand Theft Auto." Full entry here.
  3. Nick Anthis reports on how politics and science clash, and the fallout from when it does. Small wonder that the US (while still leading) is losing its edge, as Time magazine reports. Is injecting political decisions into science -- a realm historically dominated by a motivation for truth and a shunning of rhetoric -- a good idea? Full entry here.
  4. Roses say, "My love for you is fleeting and high-maintenance, and I require daily tending-to or I'll wilt". Chocolate says, "I melt in your mouth, yielding to even the weakest challenges, and what little backbone and fortitude I have is made out of delicious, creamy nougat." A card says, "Our relationship exists solely on the basis of meaningless $3.50 platitudes sold at convenience stores and drug-marts." Give them Distilled Brilliance coupons instead and treat your baby right.
  5. kSquared

    Push it to the L +/- epsilon

    That's what happens when you forget the epsilon term. ;)
  6. kSquared

    Push it to the L +/- epsilon

    There's nothing quite like repurposing contemporary pop-rock to make a mathematics-related YTMND. Push it to the limit!
  7. kSquared

    Your Grim Future

    That's an interesting way of treating the data itself. I'll look forward to reading your analysis of the topic. =)
  8. kSquared

    Congrats SiCrane!

    SiCrane was named a Staff member on Saturday during our bi-weekly meeting. Elevation to this rank of the GDNet pantheon is a feat approximately equal in coolness to any of the following: -- finding a whole roll of Pineapple Life-savers that you forgot about in a jacket pocket -- discovering that your Mag-Lite flashlight is, in actuality, a powerful lightsaber that can slice through steel girders with the ease of a hot knife through butter -- getting to relive that scene in Back to the Future where Marty turns Doc's amps up to maximum volume, plays a chord, and is hurled against the opposite wall -- falling into a vat of radioactive waste and then emerging with the supernatural ability to punch Michael Moore in the face at will, no matter the separation between the two of you in space-time -- extension methods in C# 3.0, mmm Drop him a line and give him some warm fuzzies, and tell him I sent you. =)
  9. kSquared

    How many operating systems is too many?

    Quote:How often does he use each? Most distros are really similair with minor changes like package management and file system layout. Like I said, I doubt he uses the majority of them on a regular basis. It's more of a "hey, that's nifty" thing than an actual setup that anyone would use (at least, you'd hope so!). Quote:At least having that many distros would be more useful than building this RAID setup. [wink] That's awesome! Nothing like backing up everything to floppy... ;)
  10. Apparently, 117 isn't enough for this guy, who's used grub (the LILO successor) to round out his boot-loading screen. I know Linux is cool and all, but does anyone reeeeally need ninety-plus distros of it? :)
  11. kSquared

    C# mini-quiz solutions

    Solutions posted to the quiz, along with a little philosophical discussion for good measure. How did you fare?
  12. kSquared

    C# mini-quiz: conversions

    At the behest of the Many-Tentacled One, I've made a short C# quiz. I'm not as cruel as Washu, however, so we'll be breaking up the quiz into several individual mini-quiz entries rather than barraging you at once with an interrogative onslaught. C# introduces a few new operators that aren't always in other languages. Are you sure about what's going on? Take this short quiz about conversions and the "as" operator and find out.
  13. kSquared

    What does Spiderman have to do with nested radicals?

    Thanks for the thumbs-up. =)
  14. Solving tricky problems is a technique you need to master if you plan on designing any sort of complicated system. Many times such problems require a healthy dose of intuition and ingenuity. But if you can only get this experience by solving the problems to begin with, isn't it a bit of a catch-22? Not quite. Here's some general strategies on how to crack the tough cookies, with a classic example of a head-scratcher that tends to confound beginners.
  15. kSquared

    Civ 4's title music

    I was immediately captivated with the title music for Civ 4 -- the haunting and yet upbeat melody is very forceful and tribal. I set out to getting a copy of the lyrics, and you can see the fruits of my labor here (as well as download the music itself).
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