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  1. automatic light probes positioning

      what if my player can fly ? i would not want to be in any constraints because of LP.. i guess i have to throw LP away and perform raytracing with sky on CPU (just rays - top/left/right/forward/backward) for every object that is moving , to learn if object is under indirect lighting or not..   just occlusion factor = 5results/5 = 0...1
  2. Hey guys. Just question - how to automatically generate LP positions?   i have HUGE levels...   1) regular grid + tetrahedral tessellations - out of memory  2) adaptive octrees like inside ATI'S paper - too slow building for g_dwMaxOctreeSubdivision > 6   dunno what to do...
  3. in other words i can use extension - getprocaddress "arb" - which can be fucked up, as i see or i can say - create context 4.0 - and get procaddres with NO ARB ; or if i use glew - #define GL_VERSION_2_0; .... #define GL_VERSION_3_0; .... #define GL_VERSION_4_0 - lot of versions which opengl4 consists from glew is cool but mine project can not be as GPL(AFAIK glew goes under GPL) - well - copy/paste then ))) and how about mobiles and glES ?
  4. ok and how to learn , which functions to use ?  
  5. in other words, when i will switch myself to gl3 i will: - create context with 3.0 - will check if extension is supported - then will do getprocaddress (glCreateProgram) - NOT glCreateProgramARB - will use that just like extension am i right ?
  6. it is working now   just changed  points on triangles
  7. and as i learned - do not work
  8. i use GL1.xxx core - but extensions.... they do not exist in gl1 core
  9. who needs these extensions if all features are in core
  10. ya - i do use GL_ARB_geometry_shader4   why do these extensions exist if they do not work correctly ?
  11. that is strange... but i attach geometry to whole program - why it does not work.....
  12. yes - i do use GL_ARB_shader_objects )   so: bool CGlslShader::Enable() { if(!m_loaded) return 0; //<! not supported glUseProgramObjectARB(programObject); return 1; } void CGlslShader::Disable() { if(!m_loaded) return; //<! not supported glUseProgramObjectARB(0); } glCreateShaderObjectARB glCompileShaderARB glAttachObjectARB glLinkProgramARB e.t.c
  13. inline void SetGeometryShaderParameter(GLenum pname, GLint value) { if(!m_loaded) return; glProgramParameteriARB(programObject,pname, value); }
  14. hm......   well - i have one more GS and that is working - loading is the same - SetGeometryShaderParameter same also   it is just strange//