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  1. OK, so people have been downloading my game (for which I am VERY grateful) and have had a lot of comments about locking the framerate. Was about to start work on this when realised - I have NO IDEA how to do it!! Any help? Cheers
  2. ols

    Ols - Still Waiting

    Don't really have much to say, but thought I would write anyway. Still waiting to hear from companies regarding jobs - no rejections yet, but that doesnt say too much! 119 downloads, so its been going well. I KNOW I have to update it so as to limit the fps, but finding it difficult to find the time to do taht at the mo. Looking into it though and it will be done soon :-) Thanks for reading ;)
  3. ols

    Ols - Bricking It

    you have far too much time on your hands!
  4. ols

    Ols - Bricking It

    Everything seems to have slowed down now after the sudden rush of downloads. Currently holding steady at 91 - with only about 5 or 6 in the last day. Have received mainly encouraging feedback so far, so thanks to all those that have been kind enough to write. Have sent off my programming test and now waiting for a reply. I hate waiting!!!
  5. ols

    Ols - 73 downloads

    er, thanks?
  6. ols

    Ols - 73 downloads

    More downloads AND more feedback. Thanks to all. I plan to get an update up shortly, but currently have a programming test to do for a games company, so putting all my efforts in to that.....
  7. ols

    Ols - 58 downloads

    With 58 downloads so far I cant really complain, but the lack of feedback is somewhat disconcerting. Not sure what the average feedback per download is, but with one guy saying it doesnt work and another seemingly liking it, it does make me wonder what the other 56 people thought!!! Oh well, at least people are trying it....
  8. ols

    Ols - taking the plunge

    Against some of my better (scared!) judgement, I have set up a GD Showcase and my game is now online. HERE Please play it, look at it, admire it, admonish it, praise it, criticise it, or do anything else with it as you desire; just let me know!!
  9. ols

    2D Rendering

    OK, you're not giving the most amount of info here, but can give you a few pointers... Nothing will draw unless it is enclosed between a BeginScene and EndScene pairing and then Present is used, so start off by doing that if you have not already. Further to that, it's very difficult to offer any help without seeing at least SOME code or getting a more detailed explaanation as the way that you have gone about your 2D engine could be entirely unique!!
  10. ols

    VS 2005 Express & DirectX

    Maybe i have misread your question, but I dont think there is a newer version of either the SDK or VS 2005. Either way, they are definitely compatible as I am programming with them at the mo...
  11. ols


    Looks like I have opened a can of worms here!!! From what I can tell then there is no immediate answer apart from, slightly dubiously, including the dll with my download, or linking to somewhere where you can download it - i have already found a couple of sites online if people want the links and then they themselves are not really doing anything dodgy! Cheers for all the replies thus far...makes an interesting read!
  12. I am sure I am not the first person to have this problem, but wondered if there was a yet a known solution for it. I am writing my program using the Feb 2005 release of the DirectX SDK, but other people cant run it becuase 'd3dx9_24.dll' is missing from their systems, even though the latest available version (9.0c) of DirectX is installed. It is possible to obtain this single missing dll from the web, but Microsoft prohibits distribution of it, and its also a hassle as it has to be manually placed in the correct directory. Microsoft's solution is to distribute the DirectX redistributable with your program, but this is over 30 megs, and my program is just over 1 meg, so seems a bit ridiculous. Just wondered if anyone else has encountered or solved this problem. Cheers, Ols
  13. ols

    Ols (l) Rafa

    OK, here's a question, how do I embed the screenshots? Personally I have no idea, but for now the links are: Thanks Ravuya and Mushu for the help with the links
  14. ols

    Ols (l) Rafa

    Apologies to all those that have been paying any sort of attention to this journal over the past few weeks as there have been no updates. I am still, quite happily, alive and well, but been getting bored of my programming so its been slack! The game is now starting to take a bit more shape. Have slightly altered the approach I was using and now the game is more about a chase than about a race i.e. sort of a mix between micro-machines and chase hq for those that can remember that far back. I am now going to take some screenshots and post them on here so u can all see my work - as I promised for so many weeks, but am now actually gonna do it. Be back in a sec....
  15. ols

    Ols - The 3 R's

    It still amazes me that people read this thing, but every day that I check back, my number of visitors has risen. Glad that this is proving enjoyable to some - even if it is only one very bored person at work who keeps on clicking refresh.... This week I have most been doing.....the 3 R's. However, my three are far more grammatically correct than the governments; Research, Research and Research. I know that this is technically only one R, but thats just boring. Still working on collision detection and been trying to find the best method of doing this. Have found a load of different answers which are useful to varying degrees. It seems that I have been setting my sights too high though and attempting to overcomplicate things. Was working on a pixel-perfect collision detection algorithm when it occurred to me - after 5 days of working - that it is probably unnecessary to do that as most of the cars are pretty rectangular in shape and so I can use a far less exact algorithm and, in theory, still get very accurate results. So, this is what I am currently attempting to write. I am so bored now!!
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