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    vmware video card question

    Ok, txx for you're answer!
  2. Can i use my true video card drivers in vmware instead of the emulated one???
  3. Hi again, thx for you're answer. i'm asking this 'cause i want to try the XBox360 compiler and try to make something with it, but you cannot test it on the xBox unless you have the HD. And sorry for my english, well it's not so bad, if you consider that's not my first language. I've seen worst. (I'm french)
  4. Hi, one of my freind just buy an XBox360 without hard drive and i was wondering if there is anyway to connect an USB hard drive, or a little USB pen, something like this??? And/or can i plug a normal hard drive into it???
  5. Hi, i wanna know exactly how much size, IN BYTE, a normal DVD can hold. It is 4.7 Go exactly or not?
  6. Slug

    Test my Echeck3D game!

    Thx! I've learn almost all my OpenGL knowledge building this game, so yes, i've build it by myself. In the very first begening of the project, the engine was XEngine, but after a short time, i've realised that the engine was big for nothing and have a lot of code that could be removed. So i've started off a new class called Echeck3DEngine, and based the engine on the XEngine desing, but using my own code. Now, appart from the window creation code, the're almost no simillarity from the 2. At first, there was only the pieces and the chessboard, but i've wanted to do more! So i add the column, that lead to adding the terrain and water, then the sky, and finally the sun with lensflare(wich gave me a lot of headache!). Sure, i've taken some code from NeHe tuto there and there, but you know like me that you cannot just copy/paste code and hope it to compile fine the first time, so you must adapt it, and that what i do in general. The AI is a good example. It was desinged to work in a console program first, but i've managed to compile all this project into a dll, and added multithreading code, among other little modification. Now the dll code dosen't look much like the original one, but it is based on it at 90%! So, to answer you're question, almost yes. There are the more important key: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Press 'O' for the option dialog to Enable/Disable many things Press 'R' to reset the game and/or play against computer Press 'S' to Enable/Disable sound Press 'T' to do a takeback /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Press F5 to save a game Press F6 to load a game Press F8 for network connection /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you have an old computer, say less than 600mhz and/or a cheap graphic card, lauch the game using "-Lite" command line argument, only minimal ressources will be used and you'll will not be able to change setting with the 'O' key. Again, thx you for trying it! [Edited by - Slug on December 17, 2006 1:37:31 PM]
  7. Hi, i've almost finish one of the biggest project i've done so far, my chess game. You can play with a friend or against AI. I think the networking stuffs work fine, althrought i've only tested it with the loopback address(the 2 exe running on the same computer). I've worked very hard for this and i gave it free so please, test it, and give me some feedback! The game download link is: They're is 3 snapshot of the game: ///////IMPORTANT///////// This is the help file, wich tell what the mouse buttons do and what keyboard key do what. So, pls have a quick look at it before playing. ///////////////////////// Please report any bug, and thx for trying it! [Edited by - Slug on December 17, 2006 4:08:48 PM]
  8. Hi, i wanna know if they're is a way to do this: Right-click on something on internet Choose "Save target as..." Press Enter By pressing a button, for example... I don't kwow what's the code in need to achieve that(in C++) Anybody can help?
  9. How can i add the icon of my app. in the tray and add a menu with it??? Thx in advance!
  10. Hi, i'm currently develloping a little poker game. I've just finished the Analyser function, it analyse the 5 given cards and return a value that tell me if we won and what hand i have(nothing, Brelan, Quinte, ect...). Now, i wanna generate some probability dependeing on how many card the user choose to keep and reject. what method should i use to not kill the procesor??? a) recursion: This coluld be great for this kind of algo. but i know that this is not the faster method... b) no recursion: This will make the code awfully big for nothing, but will be faster than recursion... c) Database: this should be the faster way, but it will take a VERY lot of time to build, i suppose... d) any idea???
  11. Hi, i've got a problem with some dialog box. On some windows, it will work perfectly, but on other one, the dialog box dosen't show up and the program close. Any idea what the problem is???
  12. Hi, the problem is the following: I've re-installed XP on my friend computer and there is something that annoy him a lot. He said that, before, he was able to use the right Ctrl and Alt key the same way as the left one. Now, he said that he cannot copy, cut and paste with the right ctrl. I've searched in the panel config for something but found nothing. Someone can help me on this one?
  13. Hi everyone, i'm currently trying to figure out how to add an ActiveX Control i've build in delphi in a c++ project. The problem is that i don't have a clue how to use it, and i'm unable to add it in a dialog(it's a visual component...). Can somebody help?
  14. Hi, i'm a little troubled by something. I've used rand() to fill a square bitmap with noise, and i've noticed some strange bars or lines in the generated bitmaps. It's strange too that almost all the "lines" seem to be verticals. So, to check if i dosen't do something wrong, i've builded a dll in delphi that export a function that directly call the delphi random function and return the value. To my surprise, everything was fine. The noise was perfectly uniform. So what's wrong with the rand() function??? If it can help, i'm using VC++6.0. edit: Oupss, wrong forum...
  15. Slug

    Help on Tetris (very early stage) sdl

    For the first question, just make an array of boolean that represent each possible block position and set 1 to the place where there a block that cannot go down furter. And for the second question, i don't know SDL, so i cannot help you much. Good Luck!
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