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  1. SticksandStones

    Need some bad game ideas...

    Quote:Original post by Sandman Paint Drying Simulator. The screen shows a freshly painted wall. You have to click on it when it's dry to win. If you click while it's still wet, you leave fingerprints and lose points. Also features a multiplayer online mode, where whoever clicks the dry paint first wins! You could have an expansion pack which offers different brands and colours of paint which all have their own unique drying rates. I would play that.
  2. SticksandStones

    Proving logarithm rules

    Quote: m - n = m - n logbbm - logbbn = logbbm - n (by definition of logarithms, this is equivalent to the above equation) You have not shown that this is true. Namely, you have yet to demonstrate that log b^m - log b^n = log b^(m-n) You're still assuming that which you have to prove. Here's a better way: log x - log y ? log x/y Let m = log x <=> b^m = x Let n = log y <=> b^n = y m - n ? log x/y b^(m-n) ? log x/y log b^(m-n) ? log x/y log b^m/b^n ? log x/y log x/y ? log x/y log x/y = log x/y Thus: log x - log y = log x/y
  3. SticksandStones

    Official English

    I think we should have an official language, but not English. Spanish or maybe German, instead. Mostly because I like those languages better.
  4. SticksandStones

    Quick math problem

    Some teachers are just awful, and get something into their head and regardless of technical correctness will mark you wrong. Some professors will say to you, "I write y' instead of dy/dx and GOD HELP YOU IF YOU DON'T DO THE SAME" even if you're perfectly in the right to write y'. In other words: don't waste the energy worrying. You're in the right, he's a douchebag, and there's nothing you can do about it.
  5. SticksandStones

    UK MPs debate Modern Warfare/ Violent computer games

    Maybe it's just me, but if a parent can't figure out what a game titled "Modern Warfare" is about just by the fucking name alone, and then decide if it's appropriate for their preschooler, maybe they shouldn't be having kids in the first place. Because they're probably retarded.
  6. SticksandStones

    "Human Sacrifice Channel"

    Quote: Scalia "insisted the 1st Amendment does not allow the government to limit speech and expression, unless it involves sex or obscenity." Funny, I must have an out of date version of the constitution because it doesn't say anything about "unless it involves sex or obscenity" in my copy. Quote:Although the basic idea of free speech is obviously very important, and part of any free society, even the best things can turn bad if they become an obsession beyond any rationality. I am a big proponent of free speech, and there are few things I despise more than political correctness and censorship. But free speech in the US has gotten beyond any healthy limits, in my opinion. These videos would be banned pretty quickly over here. The sick fucks who produced them would get a large fine (or even jail) for animal cruelty, and the whole issue would be solved. And - *gasp* - the world would not end in a big communist inferno, and yeah, we would still have hunting and fishing videos available in your local supermarket. Probably just next on shelf to the sex videos that are banned in the US for "sex or obscenity". I mean seriously. They can ban "sex or obscenity", but nothing else because it would hurt free speech. And torturing defenseless animals for some kind of perverted fetish is not obscene. Right. What a huge pile of hypocrite bullshit. Exactly. One person's rights end where another's begins. Therefore, torturing animals = bad. Porn = fine. Unless it's rape porn. Then rape porn = bad. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Seems pretty
  7. SticksandStones

    Nuclear Iran?

    Quote:Original post by Diodor Quote:Original post by Mithrandir It seems to me that Iran has much more to worry about us than we have to worry about them. That certainly seems true, but it doesn't mean things cannot improve, that is, we can get to worry a lot less about them and they can get to worry a lot more about us.Yes of course, because doing things like this has never lead to ill-feelings towards the aggressors.
  8. SticksandStones

    When can I call myself a computer scientist?

    Quote:Original post by Talroth Quote:Original post by nilkn Quote:Original post by Talroth "You're not a scientist till you have a degree!" "You're not a scientist till you're published!" Truth is, you're a scientist when you start doing SCIENCE. If you have sat down, developed a theory, tested this theory, and analyzed your results, then you are a scientist. Bits of paper do not make you a scientist. I nearly everyone I know with a degree does Not Do Science! If you have done this in regards to the field of Computer Sciences, then you are a Computer Scientist! If you're able to do genuine, original, and significant research without any advanced education of any kind, and if you are able to make your results known to the academic community without publishing anything at all, and if you are somehow still able to get your work rigorously peer-reviewed and accepted, then I would have no problem calling you a computer scientist. But good luck doing that. [smile] And what does any of that have to do with doing science? And why does a scientist need to do "significant" research? Have you actually looked at some of the topics that counts as 'research'? Go look up all the research that went into halftoning and dithering. Can you honestly tell me that all the variations on the Floyd-Steinberg algorithm can in anyway count as "significant". "Oh look, I've changed where we're propagating the error to and how much is going where,..." You don't need to be world renowned to be a scientist. I'm with Talroth.
  9. SticksandStones

    When can I call myself a computer scientist?

    Whenever you feel like it. Do you do science? Do you do computer science? Yes? Then congrats you're a computer scientist. Just like when you sell something you're a salesman. It doesn't matter if you're selling lemonade, guitars, or cars you're still a salesman.
  10. Quote:Original post by blueshogun96 TBH, I'm really surprised this thread lasted as long as it did since initially, it appeared that no one was taking my question seriously. It looks like China might be the most powerful country in the world after buying our debt. It may be a matter of time until they take over the world and communism becomes the only form of government. I'm fairly certain that you're overreacting a tiny bit here. China right now does not have the political and militaristic clout needed to even begin spreading into the rest of Asia let alone the world.
  11. SticksandStones

    Kentucky Lynching

    Quote:Original post by Wan Quote:Original post by Zahlman Quote:Original post by Wan Quote:Original post by LessBread census They still do that? It's something that I associate with the ancient Roman empire, not with a Western country in today's information age. It's done all over the world. Where did you think population statistics come from, the stork? Municipal records, not by going door to door. Anyway, I see that the last census in the Netherlands was performed in 1971, well before I was born. Hence my surprise. The constitution dictates that a census be taken every 10 years. Changing this would require a lot of hassle.
  12. SticksandStones

    Rick Sanchez of CNN: Yes, we did cover it

    Quote:Original post by Chris Reynolds I wasn't lumping the two together; That Green czar that resigned had communist connections (admittedly communist), and that climate czar-to-be lady had socialist ties (led a socialist group). And what is wrong with this?
  13. SticksandStones

    Who's not a game programmer?

    The programming I do is mostly scenario modelling.
  14. SticksandStones

    USA : Land of the Idiot, Home of the Moron.

    Quote:Original post by stonegiant Do you think Hitlers true agenda, you know the one about world domination, and tracial superiority, was in that article? Read it, I did, if he was not hiding his true agenda at the time of that TIME cover piece then I don't know what you call it? Wishy washy, gray area, half full, what? I'm being completely serious here when I ask you this: Do you have some sort of mental disorder that prevents you from understanding ANYTHING?
  15. SticksandStones

    USA : Land of the Idiot, Home of the Moron.

    Quote:Original post by SeraphLance Quote:Original post by SticksandStones Which he attended through earned scholarships. My apologies. How hard it must have been for him. So you claim that Obama didn't "pull himself up by his bootstraps" because he went to a private school, then when pointed out that he worked hard to earn the scholarships that allowed him to go to a private school (hence, pulling himself up) you say that "pulling yourself up" isn't "pulling yourself up". Cool.
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