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  1. SticksandStones


    I told you not to spin the wheel...
  2. SticksandStones

    Horse hockey

    Are there any red hot chili peppers?
  3. SticksandStones

    Don't Fret, My Dear

    Accordion Hero is way better.
  4. SticksandStones


    Quote:Original post by superpig *cough* tags may or may not already be in the platform design for V5 *cough* And when do we get to see V5? [grin]
  5. SticksandStones


    I love this idea! It would make it so, so much easier for people to find information.
  6. SticksandStones

    I LOVE CRACK!!! ... Down. Crackdown.

    I played the demo. Me and my friends just went around killing civilians and sending trucks flying by tapping them slightly with the super car. The actual storyline sucks (in my opinion). It is fun, however, to play it GTA style.
  7. SticksandStones

    Stole it from unix.

    Quote:Original post by johnhattan Tell him that Unix stole it from Xerox. Xerox is the all-purpose blame default for all software innovation in the same way that Steve Allen is the default for television. "Did you see that funny SNL skit last week?" "Yeah, but Steve Allen did the same joke in 1958." That's gold. Comedy gold. *Commits that to memory*
  8. SticksandStones

    Internet holiday

    Nobody on my AIM is on either. Last night at prime-time there were only 20 people on GDNet, when usually that number is like 150+. Have the terrists attacked the intartubes?
  9. SticksandStones

    Working on another project.

    666 pages - it BETTER be good! [grin]
  10. SticksandStones

    Content sucks.

    Quote:Original post by Scet That is AWSOME.
  11. SticksandStones

    A Brief Pissing Contest

    Look, we all know you're really a time traveling robot ApochPiQ. Stop hiding it fomr us, and show us the awsome graphics of the Gefore 9800XXGTXXXX.
  12. SticksandStones


    It doesn't actually change anything when you login. I don't know if this is because you're too lazy to put an "if" statement in there, or it is a bug so I'm reporting it to you. Other than that: LOLZ U TRY M4K3 MMORPG B4 U HAVE TEH 90 YR EXP? LOLOLOLOL U R TEH FAIL!!111 *Ahem* Nice idea, are you going to actually finish it or just kind of kill it after a while?
  13. SticksandStones

    A case of the,,,

    That's where you say: sqrt(-1).
  14. SticksandStones

    Fixing some misconceptions

    I wrote up a long post relating my personal experience and what-not, but I deleted it. Instead I'll sum up my feelings as such: if you're going to kill yourself, do the decent thing and write a note first. Please, for the love of all that is holy, do your friends and family a favor and write a note. Tell them why. Take away the chance of them blaming themselves for it. Don't ruin other people's lives by killing yourself and having them think that they are responsible for it. Other than that, I don't see the purpose in catagorizing them. They're dead, and they aren't any less dead because they did a "cliche" style suicide. They aren't going to become half-dead because they ODed on pills when their family was on vacation, or shot themselves in the head when they threw the pills up. EDIT: And I agree that anyone who insults those who comitted suicide needs to STFU.
  15. SticksandStones

    The Rig is Assembled

    Quote:Last Tuesday one of my best friends died. I made a journal post about it but it unfortunately found its way to a younger audience than I intended (MySpace - DUH!). Due to the graphic nature I was asked to edit it, but I decided instead just to delete it. I'll repost it later. I know how you feel. One of my friends killed himself about two weeks ago. Unlike Rav, I have no idea how the story went. Judging by his post I'll assume it was some sort of accident involving martial arts? That's horrible, but at least you know it was an accident. Good luck man.
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