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  1. Hello everyone at GameDev, this is my first post! And im just going to dive right in! My first project is a SP to MP conversion of the PC game ONI. For those of you who have never played ONI you should check out the demo (bottom of post). This in my opinion is the best 3rd person action game ever made, and deffinatly the most innovative. WHY: The reason I am bothering with a conversion is that this game has elements that no other multiplayer game has. A solid mixture of acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat and gun fighting would set this apart from all other Multi-Player games. HOW: Using an open source networking API called RakNet for the network programming. Also utilizing an assortment of already-made applications to tweak the ONI code (bottom of post). WHO: The project should require between five and ten dedicated and talented, programmers and designers. I would prefer people who have played ONI in the past, and feel passionate about finishing the project, and not about making money. I need people who can do one or more of these tasks... Manipulate the code within the ONI game engine Design professional looking GUI interfaces Impliment RakNet If you meet any of these quilifications above, and are truely interested in seeing this project from start to finish. Contact me via Email, AIM or MSN (bottom of post). If you Think you can offer any help in pulling this project together, if you can provide any kind of support or give any helpfull advice or suggestions please post on this thread. If you have a comment or question please post it on this thread. Please do not post "omg ONI sux" or "you stupid n00b" ect. Keep it relevent and constructive. I have a business plan for this project that may allow for it to be profitable. At this state I have no licensing with Bungee to modify its source code. At its current stage it would be a stand-alone modification using all original and open source code. And would therefore be legal to distribute and sell. Depending on its success, quility, and popularity, I may seek a deal with the original developers to contract use of the original source, and develop a much more complete ONI:MP experience. This is essentially a non-profit project, but has great commercial potential, meaning no promises. The project would be done on a free-time bases. This is not a part or full time job, nore does it pay well, and could possibly pay nothing. My website is going up soon. My first and only employee Head of Web Development, IceDoubt, is working on the site. I should have a forum, a way to post weekly or monthly project progress reports, a way to assign tasks to individials through the site, aswell as the ability to monitor current problems and successes, and future obstacles. All team members would communicate using AIM or MSN messenger, the project tools and the forums to maximise productivity. All new assigments for the project are given with a timeline and expected minimum quility specifications. How good the project turns out is for the team to decide, not me. It's important to remember that how much you put into any project dictates how well it will turn out, and how much potential money you can make. If we finish the project bare minimum, sure it will be a fun mod, but so what? If we put in 110% to make it a truely innovative and apealing gaming experience, the rewards are sure to come. The links and information... ONI Demo: http://www.fileplanet.com/files/50000/53461.shtml ONI Apps: http://oni.bungie.org/files/applications.html RakNet: http://www.rakkarsoft.com/ Dolenfalas : Adam Giunta Email: adam_giunta@hotmail.com MSN: adam_giunta@hotmail.com AIM: Dolenfalas
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