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    directx in .net

    Basically to get DirectX to compile and link you need two things. Your build environment in this case need to be able to find the direct x header files and the library files. This means you have to add two paths to the environment, one is a new header file path found usually in: C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK (October 2004)\Include And a library path usually: C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK (October 2004)\Lib The "october 2004" part can be summer or december depending on which version of the sdk you have. These paths are added automatically if you install the sdk after "Visual Studio.NET 2003" But if they for some reason failed to be added you can add them manually. They are found in something similar to "options, environment settings" I think... But I cant check right now since Im at work where I only have a crappy Borland IDE :( If you need more help I surget you try to build your sample and then post the error messages, that ofthen helps more than posting the code in cases like this. Good luck
  2. There is a small tutorial/demo I think its on the nvidia developer site, which compares the different timequireries in windows. It includes all the quiries mentioned abowe and adds a asm quireri as well. There exist a few itneresting articles on the subject, sry cant remember where, but the main interest is ofcourse the accuracy and resolution of the timer. In adition I think at least one of the timers prolly the __asm method could have potential problems in multiprocessor systems.
  3. alf259

    Stencil Buffer issues....

    IDirect3DDevice9::Clear will fail if you: a) Try to clear either the depth buffer or the stencil buffer of a render target that does not have an attached depth buffer. b) Try to clear the stencil buffer when the depth buffer does not contain stencil data. Might be b) if not try inspecting the return value of the call, and set the dx debugoutput to max and see if it tells you anything. Are you sure the scene you are using are using stencils currently ? Rgs.
  4. There are two basic ways of picking objects in a 3d space using the mouse cursor. 1. Shoot a ray/line into your 3d space and find the first object intersected by the line. To do this you create a line in immage space and transform it using the transposed worldviewprojection matrix to get it in world space, then you do a line intersection test agains whatever spatial data structure you have build your world against. 2. Do the picking in immage space, this is done by assigning an id number as the color of each object viable for picking. Ie the elephant is colored 0x00000001 the tiger is colored 0x00000002 etc. Then when a mouse click is detected you set a texture as the render target clears it to color 0x00000000 renders all your pickable objects (possibly after view frustrum culling) you the lock the texture and reads the color at the mouse click coordinates. You can now get the object pointer from eg a map using myobjectmap[coloratmouse]. Hope this helps. Rgs.
  5. This is also bretty much what is supported by dVPS, if you have a "bit" of money to spend on this.
  6. You can choose to do this using immage space, if you have a system that is capable of rendering to textures you can render a version of your checker board where each square has a unique integer stored as color. You can then lock the texture and read the color at the mouse position. This is relatively simple and fast. Rgs Ralf
  7. Many developers also report that real time virus protection can severely hamper compilation jobs, mainly because it checks all thos new and updated object files. Besides that CPU, possibly get two, VS supports multiple CPU's
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