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  1. In the project I am currently working I had an intersting problem with creating new objects. I would create one object (a graphical object) and later created another object (had nothing to do with graphics) and the second object was created with the same memory adress as the first object and so when the program goes to draw the first object it has an error because it was ovewritten with the second was allocated. I found a detour around this error but did not fix it directly. So I don't need a solution but just want to know why the new keyword would create two objects in the same spot in the memory.
  2. SuperNerd

    Following a path of points

    I would reccomend looking at this article Bezier Curves It explains simple line movement or you could also have the battleship move in a curved path. For every line segment you will need to loop a from 0 to 1 moving in small decimal intervals. 1 divided by the interval size will the the number of frames required to travel from one point another so two points farther away from each other will have a smaller interaval from those closer to each other if they had the same speed. If I didn't make much sense or you need futher explination just say so.
  3. SuperNerd


    glRotatef(0.0f, dx / len, dy / len, dz / len); I havn't used opengl but from what I just looked up the documetation that should work. Depending on the orientation of your cylinder you may have to switch some of the x, y, and z parameters in the function to get it to work right.
  4. SuperNerd

    Dealing With Infinity - Vertical Slope

    If you don't want to change your way of doing your line class. when you draw it you can use the isfinite() function to check for an undefined slope. If it is undefined isfinite returns false otherwise returns true.
  5. SuperNerd

    movement NOT based on fps?

    //starting values //--------------- cannonBallX_start = cannonX; cannonBallY_start = -0.35; cannonBallZ_start = 2.15; cannonBallX = cannonBallX_start; cannonBallY = cannonBallY_start; cannonBallZ = cannonBallZ_start; cannonBallVX = 40; //40 units/sec cannonBallVY = 40; //40 units/sec cannonBallVZ = 40; //40 units/sec //adjust these numbers to get your velocity you may want to use your (cannonBallX_end-cannonBallX_start) to get the velocty //using that will make your object take one second to travel from start to finish cannonBallX_end = -2.25plus(0.5*aimX); cannonBallY_end = 1.75; cannonBallZ_end = -2; //while moving //------------ double time; //amount of time passed in the last frame in seconds cannonBallX plus= cannonBallVX * time; if (cannonBallY < cannonBallY_end) cannonBallY plus= cannonBallVY * time; if (cannonBallZ > cannonBallZ_end) cannonBallZ plus= cannonBallVZ * time; Sorry about the plus thing in place of the accual plus sign. For some reason my posts don't display the plus sign.
  6. SuperNerd

    How good am I?

    I was wondering what the average programmer was able to do. I want to see how I compare to other programmers out there. I am just a hobbyist programmer but I am interseted on the kind of knowledge the average hobbyist and proffesional programmer have. If anybody knows anything of this that would be great.
  7. SuperNerd

    Wii-mote Technology

    I am interested in finding information about the technology if the Wii-mote. Mainly the pointing at the screen and knowing the position of that and was wondering if that kind of technology is possible to create for the PC.
  8. SuperNerd

    Programming is hard :(

    I sure you could learn c++ and work your way up to being a game developer. Just be patient and try to find a way that is easy to learn for you. Other books may be more helpfull, they may explain something differently so it makes more sense to you. Once you pick the basics of the language you will then begin to add on knowledge of how to code specific things like creating and drawing images to the screen or playing sound. You will also gain experience with time from coding so you will know what solutions for problems works and what doesn't.
  9. SuperNerd

    Calculating big numbers

    How about rather than having events based on the absolute position of the frame you could do amount of frames until the next event. That could result in smaller managable numbers.
  10. SuperNerd


    I think that the PS3 is a very powerfull system well worth $600. I am not, however, interseted in buying one. I don't really care about having the kind of graphics that the PS3 has even though they look very pretty. In my opinion graphics can have an effect on gameplay but only effects it slightly. But the proccesing power is not to be overlooked. I'm pretty sure there will be games with some really nice physics engines and very good AI's that will come out for the PS3 that would require that kind of proccessing power. I think that could create some very fun gameplay.
  11. SuperNerd

    Vector Art

    For my next game I am looking into making it vector art. If anybody has any good information in creating a vector art drawing engine and/or loading in common vector art formats that would be very helpfull. Thanks in advance.
  12. Another Plus I can see with Skeletal is the ability to create more interactive objects. As one example a ragdoll. It may be possible to have interaction using morphing but I would either see it as unrealistic movement or very expesive algorithms.
  13. SuperNerd

    Staying Motivated

    Lay out what is needed to do next. Take the project one piece at a time. Mabye treat the different pieces as "mini projects". Also, don't only look forward for at all the work that is needed to be done. Look back at the progress already made.
  14. SuperNerd

    questions about gravity

    Could you just rotate the world and keep everthing else the same?
  15. SuperNerd

    Decimal to Fraction

    Thanks, you have been alot of help.
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