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  1. Hi GameDevCoder,   Are you aware of our product AppGameKit? It comes in two forms, a BASIC script language for beginners and as a set of libs for C++ devs (ideal to use with Visual Studio).   Read more about the C++ solution on the main AppGameKit website. Good luck with your coding. Rick
  2. AppGameKit Version 2017.01.09 Released!   The Game Creators have released a brand new version of AppGameKit to kick of the start of 2017. This maintenance build fixes a number of small issues and introduces some new commands requested by our community.   In 2016 AppGameKit received six key updates including HTML5 export, a Raspberry Pi Free version, Ogg sound support and UTF8 support.   The development team has recently been expanded and they will be focusing on new features and improved documentation, tutorials and examples this year.   For a full break down of this release you can read more HERE.   Take a fresh look at AppGameKit, it come on leaps and bounds in recent times.   The AppGameKit Team
  3. Hi,   We have launched a Kickstarter to help fund version 2 of our App Game Kit development kit. We've hit our initial funding goal and now want to reach the various stretch goals.   App Game Kit Kickstarter   It's a great chance to purchase AGK V2 at a bargain price. I hope you choose to help us by making a pledge.   Rick Vanner Co-Founder The Game Creators