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  1. Working on my game design document
  2. _monkeyboy_

    Put Yourself Out There!

    NIce man.  I happened upon this article at the right time because I am going through the same thing.  This is encouraging.  Thanks for putting yourself out there for other to be pushed to move forward as well.  Good luck to you.
  3. _monkeyboy_

    PowerPong: Sprint 1 "Classics"

    I have posted my second iteration results. Check it out here if you have time. Also anyone using TGB can check out a running thread here at GarageGames.com
  4. Hi, I am currently in development to make my first game. It is a Pong clone with some additional features that I would like to see. It is still in development is scheduled for two more iterations. Currently I have finished the first iteration themed "Classics". I am also planning to post my iteration reviews on my blog along with the iteration deliverables. Here is the url to my blog: http://monkeydungeon.blogspot.com/2008/04/sprint-1-classics.html I was wondering if you guys could try it out and tell me your thoughts. I'm looking for honest constructive feedback. Thanks in advance.
  5. _monkeyboy_

    Blog Ad

    Yeah, just wanted to throw out my blog link. Any and all feedback is cool. Thanks! MonkeyDungeon
  6. _monkeyboy_

    My first journal

    Well, this is my first journal entry and I wanted to put something how here to see how things work. I felt a bit overwhelmed because I didn't want to muck this up. I have a tendency to make things more difficult than they need to be. So my new focus is on KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Let's see how I do.
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