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    V5 UI: ShareThis, Tagging, Rating, and Notifications

    Shiny! Looks like GDNet is stepping into the modern era at last [grin]. One feature I'd like to see, if possible: could the theme be set via cookies and not on an account basis? It would be nice to browse the site in my chosen theme without being logged in, as I don't like the Christmas theme (I'm using the blue default) but it only takes effect when I log in and I don't see why I should log in if I'm not posting anything.
  2. ukdeveloper

    Crisis of Faith?

    Yup, another person here who hates programming. Sadly, they force it down your throat at University but I only have six months left of that. I'm going out of my way to get a non-coding job because I am just that sick of it; my motivation is gone, my patience is paper thin and my mind is frazzled so much that simple mistakes seem like massive world-changing bugs. Good luck in the USAF! Wish I'd thought of an ingenious plan like that, it would offer me some much needed variety on my life :S
  3. ukdeveloper

    Pretty much dead

    I understand what you're saying. Final year of University definitely seems to bring with it a feeling of being burnt out and seriously lacking motivation, and I'm right there just now as well.
  4. ukdeveloper


    Apple have really made some big mistakes this time, I would say. First of all: the "new" iPod Touch. It's the 3GS chipset thrown into the old one and the much rumoured camera (so much so that accessories were manufactured with it in mind) never happened. The camera not happening is not a rush decision and the new iPods have quite clearly been in manufacturing for ages now and, although The Great Herr Jobs explained why, it has still upset a lot of people. The rumour mill has been grinding away for months now about an iPod Touch camera and it never happened after all. That said, I don't own an iPod and never have, but have always wanted one so I'm tempted to just go for it providing I get the 32GB with the new chips onboard. I cannot afford an iPhone and the 3GS will just be replaced next June for a higher fee anyway, so it hardly seems worth bothering with. Secondly: the "One more thing..." at this year's event. Rumour has it that it was supposed to be a certain quartet of Scousers appearing on the iTunes store and indeed EMI's own website had a "Buy from iTunes" button on it briefly before it appeared, but news was leaked the day before so the announcement was pulled. Instead, they have an obvious eleventh hour, anti-climactic afterthought by putting a gimmicky and shitty camera into the iPod Nano. Thirdly: iTunes 9. I'm running it on Windows 7 and it is noticeably slower to start up, doesn't look as good as iTunes 8 and it's harder to find things. They've broken convention by moving around obvious stuff and all in all it just doesn't look as good. Apple have shot themselves in both feet with an automatic weapon. Some of the most hardcore fanboys are absolutely raging and, to be fair, I can see why. I would seriously consider the Zune HD as well, but seeing as I would have to get it through a dodgy grey import and the fact that the main selling points (HD Radio and all the app store type stuff) are crippled in Europe it hardly seems worth bothering with.
  5. ukdeveloper


    My my, someone does software development for a living.
  6. ukdeveloper

    Windows 7

    Quote:Original post by Mike.Popoloski You must be the only person on the planet disappointed by Windows 7. [grin] I'm a bit disappointed too seeing as I can't even get it to install. I have an earlier beta running fine, but the RC won't install. Somehow, 35GB free isn't enough to begin installation and quite frankly I don't have the time and can't be bothered bullying it to get it to work.
  7. ukdeveloper

    V5 Pre-alpha launch

    This Chrome user isn't having any problems. Although I'm sorry to say I don't like the new forum topic look. It looks somewhat primitive and the colour scheme is naff.
  8. ukdeveloper


  9. ukdeveloper

    Network Project 2 95%

    I know how it is. You fulfil the basic requirements, think "Hmm, that could do with..." and before you know it you've ballooned the project into consuming your whole life.
  10. ukdeveloper


    Seriously dude, whatever you do, don't fuck about with the jury duty stuff. They'll have you for contempt of court and that's generally pretty nasty. Write to them calmly and professionally with your reasons. Chances are they'll tell you to fuck off and remind you what the law is, but hey. Oh yeah, and Littlewoods have actually stopped me in the street before asking me for my address to send me that stuff. Load of shite.
  11. ukdeveloper


    I agree with him on being difficulty-locked. I don't have the game (don't even have a DS) but I've got several other games that difficulty lock you like that and it really is FAIL. I should be allowed to start on the hardest difficulty straight off if I want to, I shouldn't be treated like a tool and started at the beginning through no choice of my own.
  12. ukdeveloper


    If you find something exceptionally disgusting, see if you can get it submitted to The Daily WTF :P
  13. ukdeveloper


    What is said job?
  14. ukdeveloper


    NOES MORE BUTTONZ!1ONE Having never used them, I get the distinct impression that Nintendo's tools blow.
  15. ukdeveloper

    Word to the wise

    That looks like a generic scam site if you ask me, I've seen near-identical layouts from stuff like dating to IQ testing. Those "questions" look like a load of ass, also. You're testing, not reviewing... you'll be doing what you're told and checking for something specific, not giving your feedback on whether or not you think the single player campaign is fun or not. Quote: Was there any noticeable game bugs? *Were That's the whole point of testing, and it's shoehorned in as an afterthought. Quote: What age group do you believe this game would appeal to most? You'd think the designers and developers would have decided this beforehand given they're going to design the game around it and eventually submit it to a ratings board for classification. I wonder if there's an early Gears of War test build featuring fluffy bunnies and pink flowers? [rolleyes]. You get to keep every game you test? Right, so I'd like to keep an unfinished debug build that blows chunks as opposed to a nice, shiny, finished retail build? Similarly, how are these tests going to be carried out? Do I need, for example, to sign an NDA with Microsoft and get a 360 Debug Kit delivered to my home? Do I need to keep the debug kit too? "You can work as much or as little as you want to"; I don't see any signs of monitoring from the outside, so you could conceivably do fuck all and walk away with $2k. Something smells funny. Fail. I can't see how anyone with half a brain can take that site seriously.
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