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  1. ukdeveloper

    PS2 just fell into my lap... what do?

    Homebrew, definitely. The PS2 has good potential for that sort of thing, although the original Xbox is arguably better on that front.
  2. ukdeveloper

    What version of Windows 7 should I buy?

    Quote:Original post by necreia Professional, I can't imagine not having "Windows XP Mode" when in Win 7 while I still use some of the software that I do. You don't really need anything beyond that, in my opinion. I've got W7 Professional x64 (from MSDNAA) and I don't even have the XP mode. I use VMWare Player on the extremely rare occasion that some kind of virtualisation is needed. I had Home Premium on an old laptop and, as others have stated, it's perfectly adequate for a home user (hence the name). I don't even use half of the Media Centre stuff as well.
  3. ukdeveloper

    Here's a challenge (decryption)

    I'm curious as to what it is. Sadly, the password isn't hunter2 either. Is it all the unreleased cables so far? It says on Wikileaks.ch that 913/251287 diplomatic cables have been released, so I wonder if the encrypted archive contains the other unreleased ones? Or do you think it's something else entirely that's as yet unannounced? For all we know, it could be a leaked copy of some movie...
  4. ukdeveloper

    Falcon 9

    Nope, because it's been postponed.
  5. ukdeveloper

    Quitting programming as a job!

    Tried professional programming. Hated it, and wouldn't do it again unless it was something really special/fun or a niche area. The politics and culture of professional software development really put me off in particular but the worst part was people sneering at you because you went to university, even though they did too - fair enough university doesn't teach you everything, but it does at least teach you a "correct" and structured way of doing things. If you handed in some professional code for an academic assignment, odds are you'll either fail or get a desperately low mark because it's usually an incomprehensible, tangled kludgy mess - but the bullshit politics precludes you from discussing it with anyone because the original author is obviously and arbitrarily the best. The big issue is that you're pretty much doomed to a life of programming with a computing related degree, but it's the one area where a degree isn't really necessary :/ It's a funny old world.
  6. ukdeveloper

    Where is the File Sharing war headed?

    Quote:Original post by Antheus Wikileaks announces release of data US government is uncomfortable with. Wikileaks uses torrent to distribute leaks. About two days earlier, US government closes 70+ torrent sites. Let me give you a 1. Then have another 1. Can you put them together? It rather depends on whether or not you subscribe to the tinfoil hat theory, that is to say that Wikileaks is a fake honeypot set up by the CIA and Mossad to distribute FUD and misinformation with regards to the New World Order. Some believe this is why Israel hasn't had much of a mention in these leaks so far... If this were the end goal (which I highly doubt) then stopping torrent sites probably wouldn't be the best plan.
  7. ukdeveloper


    I think it was developed by a rather small, predominantly Jewish nation in the Middle East. It was designed to disrupt the nuclear program of a much larger Persian pariah state. It was definitely purpose built with a specific target in mind, knowledge of which was probably inside. Unfortunately, it's been blown open and examined so much now that it can't possibly remain secret or be used again.
  8. ukdeveloper

    Record: Black Ops, $360 million..

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes 50Mb connection?! Are you in South Korea??? You can get 50Mb cable broadband connections in the UK, but they cost a good bit.
  9. ukdeveloper

    Record: Black Ops, $360 million..

    Quote:Original post by Instigator Anyone else play it? Yes, seeing as all the COD games are photocopies of each other with the occasional feature removed. "Dead horse" comes to mind tbh. CoD4's perks system was an unfair, unbalanced joke yet for some bizarre reason other games are ripping it off.
  10. ukdeveloper

    What 2 countries at war could potentially lead to a WW3?

    Quote:Original post by Wan I don't see why governments spend so much money useless technology when it'll all just get wiped out in seconds by a Zergling rush. Kind of silly, really.
  11. ukdeveloper

    UK Education

    Quote:Original post by Katie "(RealtimeWorlds?)" From what I understand, RTW basically needed near-deistic intervention, and government tax breaks fall a bit short of that... RTW was a train wreck of Biblical proportions. I knew a couple of guys who worked there at one stage, and apparently "Hitler's bunker" was an apt description. It had this veneer of a dot-com boom utopia akin to Google, but under the surface things really weren't great. Some literature from those more involved: Go down to the comment from "ExRTW" Luke Halliwell - Where Realtime Worlds went wrong Part 1 Luke Halliwell - Where Realtime Worlds went wrong Part 2 Luke Halliwell - Where Realtime Worlds went wrong Part 3 (Oh yeah, I knew about MyWorld about a year before it was announced as well, because one of them breached his NDA :) ) Back on topic - I strongly recommend doing a generic CS or computing degree. I know people with Games Development degrees who are a) working in supermarkets and b) doing an MSc in a different computing field, all because they can't find work in the games industry. I do remember Luke Halliwell saying this himself, but his blog went offline shortly after I copied those links above from it so I'll fix you up with it later.
  12. ukdeveloper

    What 2 countries at war could potentially lead to a WW3?

    You probably won't see North Korea starting a world war, at least not in a conventional sense. There have been reports suggesting that most KPA soldiers are going hungry, they're not well trained and the chain of command really isn't in the best of health either. Not to mention they seem to survive/rely on Chinese army surplus and don't even have any decent kit. North Korea are concerning in that they're swapping and selling missile technology with/to other nations (apparently Nigeria were interested at one point). It has to be said that North Korea's bark is more fearsome than its bite. If they start anything, they'll be steamrolled in short order - don't go thinking that China will stick up for them, because that's not guaranteed; China tolerates NK and only keeps it going because they don't want a potentially chaotic regime collapse on their hands (rogue Generals selling nuclear kit, guerrilla warfare, influx of NK refugees into China as well as US and SK troops spilling over the border). Russia and China have too much to lose and have reputations to consider, so I think it's unlikely they'll start anything either. If anyone is to be watched closely, it's the Israelis. Iran are only to be feared if you're into US propaganda; Ahmadinejad is an obstreperous loose cannon with very little power in the grand scheme of things, and the Mullahs can pull the plug on him relatively easy.
  13. ukdeveloper

    Windows Phone 7 - who's gonna get one?

    I'm vaguely tempted, but I'll hold off and see what happens. For: MS are in control of the updates (like Apple), unlike Google with Android where it's whenever your handset manufacturer and network operator decide you can have it A unified user experience - Steve Jobs is right, Android is just the underlying mechanics and Samsung in particular lurch far away from the stock Android UI provided by Google It's not that clunky, business-oriented mess that WinMo 6 was. This looks more mainstream and something which would benefit a regular, everyday consumer a lot more Against: No true third-party multitasking - it's got the Apple "multitasking" model which is based around task switching and suspension Handsets will be expensive, no doubt Limited app availability at launch No clipboard until next year? Hmm, because they haven't been working on this OS since the dawn of time and even Apple beat them to it. You have to ask why, tbh.
  14. ukdeveloper

    mail server

    Is it fully patched and updated? Also, I don't think relying on the firewall is necessarily a good idea - I'd enable TLS just because I'm paranoid. How long is your SSL key and did you self certify?
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