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  1. roos

    Hammer Engine v0.3

    Hmm, I tried running it and it just showed a black screen and appears to be frozen. (i.e. the mouse is an hourglass and I can't do anything). I figured maybe it was just taking a long time to load resources, but when I go to the task manager, it shows 0% CPU utilization so it seems to be just sitting there doing nothing... I got a 2.4 ghz P4, radeon 9800 pro 128mb, 512 mb ram if that helps roos
  2. Wow, props to you guys, I'm impressed :D
  3. roos

    I love the new layout

    WHOA. gdnet changed the layout? I feel like everything I knew to be true was all wrong... *pinches myself*
  4. That Is pretty cool :) How long did it take you to make, if you don't mind my asking?
  5. roos

    Shlongg v0.90 Released!

    Wow... Very impressive, nice work man :D
  6. roos

    Schools or Scholarships?

    Yeah... I have a friend who was doing a typical bachelor's in computer science, and then he switched to FullSail, and apparently he was really happy with the switch. Before, he had a tough time fitting in time to learn game programming, but after switching he was able to learn a lot of things in a short amount of time. roos
  7. roos

    Mini games and demo

    Wow, that is some impressive work!
  8. roos

    Book reccomendation

    No, don't worry. LaMothe's book is very easy to understand.
  9. roos

    My Coming Out (You read that right)

    One of the best game programmers/designers in history was a transsexual.
  10. roos

    An Awesome List Of Free MMORPGS

    Wow, very cool. Thanks for making this!
  11. roos

    Quality of life in the game industry

    Quote:The culture was very much, "if you are hitting your targets and producing quality work, then you don't need to work overtime, unless we're in crunch time". If I found something very difficult, and I was running out of time, I might voluntarily work a bit of overtime to get it done. I interned at a game company a couple of years ago that was developing a AAA title for PC, and the situation was similar. Most days it was 10am-7pm (9 hours, not so bad although I would have preferred 9am-6pm). The last couple of months of the project, we had 9am-9pm, 6 days a week, but that didn't last for too long so I didn't really mind it much. It was tough for people with wives/kids but at least it beats companies in "eternal crunch mode". I don't really have anything to compare with, but I think that company is probably one of the better ones in this regard, they even gave generous bonuses on milestone completion, which is at least nicer than "good job, here's a pizza". roos
  12. roos

    Questions about Porting

    Yep I agree... I've used plenty of STL with g++ myself and never had any problems.
  13. Wow, I see it's a lot more complicated than I thought! Well, that definitely helps a lot because now I have some links and some terms I didn't know about like "collation". Thanks a ton Fruny and SiCrane for your help, I appreciate it very much.
  14. roos

    Cell phone games and applications

    Quote:I always wanted to know how is that made? And after the application for a cell phone has been made, how is it transfered to a cell phone to work properly? Usually there's some kind of SDK for developing for the phone you can download. For example for developing on SmartPhone (kind of like Windows on your phone) you can use VC++ Embedded, and just download the Smartphone 2003 SDK or whatever. For transferring to the phone, one thing you can do is get a special piece of hardware that can read/write from your PC to a small card which you can plug into your phone. There's also a way to connect the debugger directly to the device, I believe, but I never got this working before so I'm not sure about that.
  15. Hi, I'm using unicode strings (basic_string<uint16>) for my game so it can be localized to any language. I was wondering, is there any good way to compare two unicode strings to see which one is alphabetically larger? With regular strings, I could just use strcmp() and check if it's greater than zero or whatever. With unicode strings I'm not sure... If I knew how to compare two characters to see which one is bigger, then writing the compare function is easy enough... Is it okay to just compare the values of the characters to see which one is bigger? In English I think that would work, because afaik the unicode value for "d" is less than the value for "z" for example. In Japanese I don't know how to go about it, since you might have two different Kanji with different unicode values, but the same phoenetic sound. Hmm, I'm going to spend a little more time looking into this, but if anyone might know offhand if there's a proper way to compare unicode strings, I would really appreciate it if you could give me a hint! Thanks, roos
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