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  1. Opcode (http://www.codercorner.com/Opcode.htm) may be a good choice.
  2. Just like everything else, it's a tool. Currently I use a static variable to share a single resource between multiple instances. The major downside is the resource has to be manually freed,
  3. cdoty

    Matali Physics 4.3 Released

    Are the add-ons included in the license, or do they have their own licenses?
  4. Since you know how to simulate the N64 hardware, I would suggest creating a framework that would map the N64 API to OpenGL, OpenAL, etc. That way you can use the same code to create a PC/Mac/Mobile version that doesn't use Nintendo's SDK. And then, if you ever manage to get permission to use the SDK, you could release a N64 version.
  5.   Bitcoin mining FTW! Until everyone starts doing it and a bitcoin drops to $0.06.
  6. cdoty

    Brain Dead Simple Game States

    I would also add enter and exit functions to allow the states to initialize data before use and to clean up after they are done.
  7. cdoty

    Most GUI libraries are terrible

      I'm looking forward to digging into this project. It looks like it may work well as an in-game UI for some stuff I'm working on.   Edit: I downloaded the project and was able to compile it.   Excellent job, The list of controls is extensive and well implemented, the data source stuff looks easy enough to use, and the code looks very clean and easy to extend, if needed.
  8. .. tomorrow World Domination!
  9. cdoty

    Most GUI libraries are terrible

    As long as you're only interested in simple UI (Confirmation dialogs, name entry, etc.), libRocket isn't too bad, but once you start implementing more serious dialogs (listviews, etc.) there is a lot of missing functionality.   The best UI I've found, assuming you're targeting Windows and don't need in-game UIs, is DuiLib: https://code.google.com/p/duilib/   It's easy to skin.   It would be ideal for a game editor, as the dialogs are created as separate windows. It also includes an editor which is useful for laying out the controls. Unfortunately the editor doesn't properly save all properties, requiring that you hand edit the XML to customize the control.   Here's a link that explains parts of DuiLib (It's in Chinese, but the translation is good enough to work from):   http://www.cnblogs.com/Alberl/tag/duilib%E5%85%A5%E9%97%A8%E6%95%99%E7%A8%8B/
  10. Finishing up Super Play, my SNES inspired game engine. http://www.superplay.info
  11. Finishing up Super Play, my SNES inspired game engine.
  12. cdoty

    A Full C64 Game - In 2013

      Looks good, I always wanted to complete a game for the Apple IIgs, but never did anything more than setting up the screen and showing an image.   Have you investigated any cross platform development options?   I used the WLA-DX assembler to create a simple ProDOS8 executable. I can't remember the exact details, it's been a 'few' years. The major issue I ran into was finding a command line tool to inject files into an disk image.   It would be interesting to adapt the snes-sdk (https://code.google.com/p/snes-sdk/ ) to produce files for the Apple IIgs.   Another option would be Western Digital C compiler, which were recently updated and the price was reduced to $40:   http://65xx.com/65xx-store-2/65xxtools/
  13. At what point does the setup cost of multiple triangles outweigh the cost of overdraw?
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