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  1. compile error in MinGW (gcc 3.4.2)

    Thanks for reply. I found that compiling AS with MinGW 3.3.1 is good. maybe because gcc 3.4.2 is more harsh. - redpixel
  2. trying to compile AS using MinGW/gcc 3.4.2, I got this error. I tested with both version(AS 1.10.1 WIP 3, AS 1.10 release). ----------------------------------------------------------- g++ -ggdb -o obj/as_string.o -c ../../source/as_string.cpp In file included from ../../source/as_config.h:227, from ../../source/as_string.cpp:31: ../../source/../include/angelscript.h: In static member function `static asUPtr asSMethodPtr<N>::Convert(M)': ../../source/../include/angelscript.h:383: error: size of array `ERROR_UnsupportedMethodPtr' is negative make: *** [obj/as_string.o] Error 1 ----------------------------------------------------------- I don't know why... please patch this. it's my first compile. -_-a - redpixel [Edited by - redpixel on November 16, 2004 1:03:34 AM]
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