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  1. X-COM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

    I played both the original and the new Xcom and the only thing I feel they oversimplified was the inventory. I liked the two move system though it would have been nice if it told what you has sight and flank on before you moved.   Its is very buggy in a lot of ways but how much being less cookie cutter makes up for that is personal preference.
  2. Boston Marathon, a terror act

      Pretty high since according to conspiracy nuts every day since the begging of time is the perfect time for a conspiracy to happen.
  3. This is in unity but uses vectors and quaternions that should work the same in most libraries.   http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/Quaternion.html   http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/Vector3.html   I want to make a bone look at a target point but have two problems.   1: unity uses z+ forward and blender uses x-   2: the look at should avoid excessive twisting of the bone.   public class BoneLookAt : MonoBehaviour { // Use this for initialization void Start () { //save rest data restRot = this.transform.localRotation; //filter input Foward.Normalize(); FowardQuaternionInverse = Quaternion.Inverse( Quaternion.LookRotation(Foward)); } public Vector3 Foward = new Vector3(-1,0,0); private Quaternion FowardQuaternionInverse; private Quaternion restRot; public Vector3 GetTargetPosition(){ return this.transform.position + (this.transform.parent.rotation * restRot) * Foward; } public Quaternion LookAt(Vector3 v){ //,transform.InverseTransformDirection(Vector3.up) return Quaternion.LookRotation(v-this.transform.position) * FowardQuaternionInverse; } private Vector3 ang = new Vector3(); void Update () { Debug.DrawLine(this.transform.position,this.transform.position + this.transform.rotation * Foward); // this.transform.rotation = LookAt(GetTargetPosition()); } }
  4. How can a meteorite explode?

    KE=(M*V^2)/2   Objects in space travel very fast due to lack of friction.   Any collision with a relative velocity over a kilometer per second will explode due to the raw energy involved.
  5. Carrying capacity (primarily for RPGs)

    JRPG inventory systems are mostly a holdover from when limited cartridge space made a more complex serialization system impractical.    For inventory complexity it entirely depends on if its purpose is for tactical load outs or a scavenger / door to door salesman sim.
  6. The easiest way it to use a box2d port   http://www.sideroller.com/wck/   The built in flash collision functions are limited and ineffcent
  7. [quote name='Shippou' timestamp='1355807613' post='5011914'] The MineCrafts of the world are very rare ... I would like to point out similar games ( such as Terraria ) have been a flop. [/quote] How was terraia a flop? It sold over a million copies and was only made by 3 people. It only lost popularity because the devs retired while so many game elements were half finished.
  8. looking for a good free 3d game engine

    [url="http://unity3d.com/"]http://unity3d.com/[/url] is both easy to get started in and very flexible with its .net scripting but UDK is also good.
  9. State of point and click genre

    I still don't understand the argument for why point and click makes for a good story rather than good writing makes for a good story.
  10. State of point and click genre

    What's the purpose of point and click adventure games? If even the fans say its just a story delivery mechanism what is the benefit of making the player click mash every pixel and use every item on every other item to make the plot continue. Even if you don't have the budget for a portal or mass effect why not a adventure platformer or adventure turn based tactics.
  11. [quote name='mhagain' timestamp='1355234510' post='5009420'] [quote name='Kaze' timestamp='1355167357' post='5009164'] Your fps will always be garbage in intermediate mode, try using a draw list or vbo. [/quote] No no no no no. Immediate mode is slower than the other methods for sure, but it's not [i]that[/i] much slower. You don't get such dramatic framerate drops from it, particularly with such a simple scene (as polycounts [i]really[/i] ramp up it's expected, but with basic scenes it's performance is roughly equivalent to the others). Remember - Quake used immediate mode and didn't suffer overly much from it. Please don't recommend VBOs (or display lists) as a "solution" every time you see immediate mode code - the real cause of the problem may very well be elsewhere (as, indeed, it was in this case). I'm [i]not[/i] advising that it's OK to use immediate mode here, by the way; I [i]am[/i] recommending that you should properly diagnose the problem before recommending a solution, rather than jump to conclusions. [/quote] Graphics card makers only optimize their hardware for vbo's these days so its not unreasonable to assume legacy functions can cause all sorts of performance problems.
  12. Your fps will always be garbage in intermediate mode, try using a draw list or vbo.
  13. [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1354906929' post='5008193'] [quote name='Kaze' timestamp='1354903617' post='5008180'] No plan will work for a party that doesn't want to pay any taxes, more military spending than the rest of the world combined and for all their rants about entitlement aren't actually willing to give up their social security or medicare. [/quote] Which party wants that? [/quote] The party that signed documents promising no tax increases ever but have a track record on spending cuts no better than their counterpart party.
  14. [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1354899306' post='5008164'] On the whole I think this was one of the biggest reasons he lost. It allowed his opponents to just hammer away at the, "...the math doesn't work," argument every chance they got. Afaik there was no math to work, so it made it impossible to favorably rebut it. Had he had a concrete plan where the math worked even only under the best circumstances it would have come across much better than a mythical plan that may or may not work. Other stuff probably contributed, but I think this specifically sucked out any momentum he might have had going into the home stretch. [/quote] No plan will work for a party that doesn't want to pay any taxes, more military spending than the rest of the world combined and for all their rants about entitlement aren't actually willing to give up their social security or medicare.
  15. [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1354052393' post='5004688'] [quote name='Kaze' timestamp='1354051844' post='5004682'] For youth unemployment I think its less laziness than a lot of trades are impossible to break into if businesses are unwilling to train new people. [/quote] That's not really what [url="http://economics.about.com/od/unemploymentrate/f/labor_force.htm"]labor force participation rate[/url] measures. [/quote] This was mostly in response to the second article you posted. Either way I'm very sceptical about claims of moral decline when more tangible factors exist. The big one is that as much as business claim their is a skill shortage very few are desperate enough yet to create their own skills. Ex: Machine operators with 10 or more years of experience are going to dwindle in numbers if your never going to hire anyone with less experience.
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