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  1. Quote:Did you save the Text file in Unicode? That was it! the text was saved as an ansi file, I saved it in UTF8 format and now it works, thanks! Problem solved!
  2. Thanks, I tried to do this It sounds pretty logical, and I didnt knew you could do this, but it didnt work. Btw, I used this one in the main function as this Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new system.Globalization.CultureInfo("es-MX"); Maybe this has to do with the StreamReader encodertype? how can I change that one? im using UTF8 which suposedly should work with spanish encoding.
  3. Im using C# scripts for a spanish word game dictionary using Visual Studio C# 2005 (the free edition from microsoft) However the streamReader object wont recognize the spanish symbols like accents and such ( á é ñ) they are simply ignored and wont appear in the , Im using UTF8 to read but I cant get it to recognize those. Any advice on how to do this? Heres the part of the code with the problem TextReader tr = new StreamReader(@"palabrasn.txt"); TextWriter tw = new StreamWriter(@"resultados.xml"); ArrayList[] palabras=new ArrayList[15]; palabras[c] = new ArrayList(); while ((clinea = tr.ReadLine()) != null){ palabras.add(clinea); }
  4. Well Im fairly beginning in C# I come from using Visual C++, so Im not entirely sure, Im doign it correctly but I removed and then added the references manually (which are the managed direct x dll files at the SDK afaik) and I still got this. Error 1 The type or namespace name 'AudioVideoPlayback' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.DirectX' (are you missing an assembly reference?) C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\Escritorio\downloads\DigiPen3DWebcast-Session2&3\Puc The Pirate - Hour 2 and 3\Puc The Pirate - Template\Music.cs 2 25 Puc The Pirate
  5. Im trying to compile the examples with the October DXSDK but I just cant get it to compile it doesnt load several commands and mark them as unrecognized symbols, I already added the references but it just wont work. What could be wrong? I do have .net framework and direct x9
  6. Hmm.. good answer thanks, but lets suppose I need to get the Parent HWND is there anyway to do that?
  7. Im trying to create a Direct X Wrapper based on dll , however Ive ran in a problem Whn I try to set the cooperative level I need to get a HWND pointer, which I dont have because Im using a dll. Right now Im using the FindWindow command But If I change the name of my test to anything other than DLL demo it wont work. if( FAILED( hr = g_pJoystick->SetCooperativeLevel( FindWindow(NULL, "Dll Demo"), DISCL_EXCLUSIVE | DISCL_FOREGROUND ) ) ) return hr; How can I get the HWND of the window that is calling my DLL ?
  8. Well... just picture this ...new GDK ala Renderware.. Xbox compatible .. by MS... free you can get a lot of info just by reading that line. Details are pretty sketchy yet but, according an article I just read, the XNA will be available for FREE to MS licensees that means you need to buy the XDK for xbox development but for PCs you can pretty much expect that a good part of it (small tools and SDKs) will be given away (like directx) the rest will probably be bundled with visual studio.
  9. MS announced that they would let us know more about XNA later this year, any news about XNA? does someone know about a possible release date?