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  1. Atavist

    How to get a random number between 1 - 52

    Just to emphasize who said that % gives scewed results and offer an alternative: LOW ORDER BITS FROM RAND:(BAD) j = min + (rand() % max); HIGH ORDER BITS FROM RAND:(GOOD) j = min + (int)(max * rand() / (RAND_MAX+1)); (the good method can cleary work with floating points with the smallest change)
  2. Atavist

    AI in MMORPGs

    The other huge constraint on MM ai is computation. There are likely a huge number of entities actively interacting with players at any given time. By increasing the complexity of any significant portion or entities you add a significant burden to the server's workload. It seems to me its by necessity that the vast majority of entities can't become more complicated that simply reaction based and rail-driven.
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