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  1. fshana

    Video In?

    I know this is a total noob question but I can't find info on it anywhere. I have an eVGA 7800GT. It has VI/VO on the s-video port. What can I use the Video-In for on the 7800GT? Can I transfer movies from say a cam-corder or will I need a TV tuner? If I need a TV tuner, then what's the video-in for on the card? Anyone?
  2. I don't post often but Christmas has come early, I thought this crowd might appreciate a photo build log of my new computer: http://francisshanahan.com/detail.aspx?cid=418 3DMark of about 7250 w/no overclocking. Pictures are at the bottom of the page
  3. The mosaic is generated from miniature pictures of products on amazon. Each tile in the mosaic is clickable. When you click, the product is loaded from amazon, realtime, and displayed without a page refresh. Lastly, the products are all related to certain keywords, so Jeff Bezos is into space/science etc. all the products are from that category. Sort of "what you would look like if drawn entirely by your interests". The nice thing about this is it's entirely interactive, without requiring Flash/shockwave. The pics are huge right now, the plan is to make them smaller=load quicker.
  4. It might not be the prettiest but the technology behind this is fairly advanced (although a little old if that makes sense). The reason for the post: Want to "tech/geeky" (yes I count myself in this group) folks think of these pages...figured this was a good place to start. Live Search Amazon ala Google "Suggest": http://www.francisshanahan.com/zuggest.aspx XMLHttpRequest over an image, again using Amazon web services, SOAP, XML, and a little creativity http://www.francisshanahan.com/collage/f/f.aspx And last of all: http://www.francisshanahan.com/collage/bezos_b.aspx and http://www.francisshanahan.com/collage/bezos_c.aspx These are all prototypes, fairly new, what do you think? -fs
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