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  1. Ksingh30

    WSDL 2.0

    does anyone know of any auto generation tool for WSDL2.0 I wanna create the WSDL from Java code.
  2. Is there some kind of tool that can let me do the following. I have a fairly large C++ app I am working on. and theres lots of methods in there that I think are never invoked. is there a tool that can go through my code and tell me which methods never get called?
  3. Ksingh30

    physics engine help

    hi guys. I have been working on an engine for a 3d space combat sim game. and I need a physics engine that is free and easy to use. any recommendations?
  4. Ksingh30

    file I/O C++

    Quote:Original post by JohnBolton Separate the object into two objects -- one that is created and destroyed and another that is persistent. I cant do that because its a multhreaded app and doing so will really mess up things.
  5. Ksingh30

    file I/O C++

    if I have an object A that constantly gets created and destroyed. and this object reads data from a file. but everytime it gets created i need to remember where it was at reading the data from the file. so basically something like a marker so it can start reading from where the previous instance of the object stopped. is this possible?
  6. Ksingh30


    The issue has to do with assignment of a std::string in a multithreaded env.
  7. Ksingh30


    I was just told that std::string causes a problem in a multithreaded application and that when i assing a string I should change it to a c style string instead. can someone explain this?
  8. Ksingh30

    Shader Framework

    Effect Pools, Cool, just what i was looking for thank you.
  9. how would you do a framework for a set of shaders? Ok lets say you have multiple fx files. which you use for different objects in your scene, and you also have multiple lights in your scene. in which case you have to pass in your lights to each shader(which is in its own fx file) so the final pixel color can be determined. but my question is how do you do a framework such that you dont need to pass in each light to each shader, so all that info can be kept in a fx file for all the other shaders to use.
  10. Ksingh30

    what LNG do i need ?

    Like Malazar said you might also wanna try C# and XNA. and the question you asked earlier about the logo. Dont even worry about it, as far as selling your game, its not gonna really happen. to Create a commerical product these days its not that easy. if you look at some earlier games by some top notch studios like id you will notice that some of their earlier games may be hard to sell now. and even those games are pretty complex. But if you really want to try to sell your product you should possibly look for a diff market. maybe like for cell phones, but even those are quite complex now with cellphone techonology growing. But seriously forgot about things like logos and stuff for until you have some framework done for your game.
  11. Ksingh30

    what LNG do i need ?

    Quote: AND YES ! ufcurse we are going to learn first im not THAT stupid I dont think your stupid, i just think you are not realizing the complexity of the project you want to do. Quote: but ive got some really smart people in the team. and as i said im not the programer. so all the programing stuff goes to one guy in the tham, what i can say about him is ( HIS REALLY GOOD AT MATH ) and the last time i left him for he can write some codes on c++ he wrote allmost a full page. for a game that looks like oblivion a page is nothing. Even if your friend is really good at Math, C++, and is an excellent programmer it still wont be easy to make a game like oblivion. Oblivion had over 20+ programmers working on it full time, Im pretty sure those people were also really good at math, C++ and were very smart. Quote: my art skills are really good so thats why we wanted to try and build a cool game. and ive said yes we know how hard and Annoying it gonna be. cool. here is the list of people that it took to make a game look the way oblivion did. Please do your self a favor and forget about making an MMO for a while. and OpenGL is an API(Application programming interface) its not actually a program, its just a bunch of libraries that you can use in your code to render stuff onto the screen. Good Luck.
  12. Ksingh30

    what LNG do i need ?

    Quote: well if you know the game OBLIVION so i want that kinda graphics i wont say i want it to be totaly the same. Ok that is honestly tooo far out of reach. but if you want, this is what you must do first. Learn Calculus, Linear Algebra, Geometry,Trig(3d math in general) Then get a real good understanding of algorithms. Quote: if you want to read our game line (story) i can PM you. and Fetures i dont really know. becuse ive workd here with my budy only on the story. and i think its cool :) i would really like if you would read it. if youll read it you may understand our game plan Personally I don't think the story is your problem or your biggest challenge. This is what I think you should do. First at least for a while stop thinking about the technical details of your game learn as much Math,Newtonian Physics, Algorithms, programming, and computer architecture you can(how memory works, ect). Ive been programming for a few years now, i just got my BS in computer Science, and very close to a math degree also and i started working on my engine this summer, and i don't plan on having it do anything really cool, for probably atleast a year. but if you want a sure fire language I don't think you can go wrong with C++. and you plan on developing for windows you will definitley need to know how the OS works, and learn the Win32API so this is what I think you should do, get a C++ book anything you would like, I don't recommend one of stroustrups books for a beginner. Get whatever you can find though, Sams teach yourself C++ in 24 hours or whatever, I would also like to recommend "tricks and trips of windows game programming gurus" Its a bit outdated when it comes to teaching you the graphics stuff, but never the less I though it was an excellent book to give you a foundation of game programming, and win32. I recommend you learn to love programming in general(not just game programming) if you wanna make something that looks like Oblivion. Anyways Good luck man
  13. Ksingh30

    what LNG do i need ?

    ok cool. I would still strive for making something really small at first. I think the reason everyone seems a little harsh on you is because you said oblivion in your first post. I think if you really want a good answer this is what you should do first, Tell everyone here exactly the type of game you wanna make. make, like how do you want the graphics to be, what are the features you want. ect. and then someone can give you a better idea of where to start with that. :)
  14. Ksingh30

    what LNG do i need ?

    Quote:Original post by iceDeath and why you do telling me stuff that i dont need ive just askd what LNG is better for MMOrpg ? The fact that you are asking this I think means you are not ready for an MMORPG. No offense, im sure you could do it eventually, but within 2-3 years is out of the question. and if you are asking this question for other programmers on your theam, then they are also not ready if they are asking this question.
  15. Ksingh30

    Am I too old?

    This isn't boxing man. You can become an engineer/programmer anytime you like. Thats the beauty of being in a career where you use your mind not your hands. there is not Age factor.
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