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  1. Quote: 2: Newbie abuse, even by moderators, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. QFT! particularly true in the #gamedev channel.
  2. Tutorial:How to create a soccerball fom a geosphere it is for maya but you sould be able to follow the steps in 3dsmax without a problem. good luck. regards, m4gnus
  3. m4gnus

    Simple, dumb, reflection

    Quote: Ok, sorry about misunderstanding your question. My best guess would be to fire a ray from the eye to each bottom vertex and reflect it based on the normal. Then do a ray to plane intersection test with a plane placed at the top position in your drawing. This new point will be your texture coordinate (you must of course normalize the texture coord to get it in the range of 0 to 1). If you do this, I believe that the texture will be correctly rendered. that is correct but you can also do it without the reflection, because as th OP already stated, you get the same effect if you calculate the intersection of the ray and a plane below the surface like this: ___________/____ Top \ / \ / _______\/_____ Bottom / / _____/________ Top' in pseudocode that means: Vector3 viewdir;//normalized view direction in tangentspace float height;//how far the 2 planes should be apart float t=height/viewdir.y; Vector2 Offset=Vector2(viewdir.x,viewdir.z)*t; //this is the offset that you have to add to the texture coordinates regards, m4gnus
  4. This might not be directly related to the OPs questions but i didn't want to open another thread about GUIs when there's already this one. I'm developing a GUI too and i'm not sure whether to use normalized coordinates or not(x and y coordinates from 0 to 1 instead of 0 to Width-Resolution/Height-Resolution). The obvious advantage would be resolution independence, but still i haven't seen any GUI not using pixel coordinates. Why is that? regards, m4gnus
  5. Quote: Was this game aiming for cinematic quality? With motion blur and stuff like that? I think I saw that also, but forgot the name :( that's project offset i think, but i guess the OP meant a different game. regards, m4gnus
  6. m4gnus

    cg film work

    http://cgsociety.org regards, m4gnus
  7. i haven't worked on portals for a while so i maybe wrong, but do you even need something like a splitting plane or a bounding box for a sector? I see a sector just as a bunch of polygons and nothing more. When you see a portal that connects to this sector then this sector is visible. Portalizing the world is usually done by hand i think ,but there are also algorithms for this task, for example this one. regards, m4gnus
  8. m4gnus

    Zbrush - Whoah!

    what about reading the help of zBrush first? Zbrush can generate Normalmaps as well as Displacement maps you can even find it yourself quite easily if you look at the interface.(I think it's in the tools-palette) regards, m4gnus
  9. interpreting the diffuse map as a heightmap may not be the correct way to do it but results in quite pleasing normal maps. So it should work ok. Maybe it would help if you post the (wrong) results your shader produces. regards, m4gnus
  10. m4gnus

    Depth of Field Problem in Maya 6.5

    you can change the farclip plane to sth higher in Windows->Settings/Preferences->Preferences Settings-Cameras Far Clip. PS: this has nothing to do with depth of field. regards, m4gnus
  11. If i understand the OP correct this is about 1D-Midpoint-Displacement and not about generating a heightmap. I recommend first creating an array with your fractal and then drawing the lines. Here's some pseudocode: Start with a single horizontal line segment. Repeat for a sufficiently large number of times { Repeat over each line segment in the scene { Find the midpoint of the line segment. Displace the midpoint in Y by a random amount. Reduce the range for random numbers. } } regards, m4gnus
  12. m4gnus


    IIRC this feature has just been added to google lately so it's not that old. regards, m4gnus
  13. m4gnus

    Morals - A set of rules?

    Quote: There is only one moral: The Golden Rule. i don't think that this is true. Imagine a guy who is a little strange, so that he doesn't like sth that the majority of others like. When he follows the golden rule he tries to prevent the other people from sth which is good for them(which is definitely not good) regards, m4gnus
  14. m4gnus

    Free MMORPG?

    Frostwinds regards, m4gnus
  15. IIRC they're called ribbons. regards, m4gnus
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