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  1. ImperfectFreak

    Status panes in front of scene?

    I actually just worked this out myself. Here is some psuedocode of what I did: pushPerspectiveProjection(); while(running) pushOrthographicProjection(); drawUI(); popProjection(); drawScene(); end pushOrthographicProjection() glPushAttrib(GL_TRANSFORM_BIT); glMatrixMode(GL_PROJECTION); glPushMatrix(); glLoadIdentity(); glOrtho(0.0f, width, 0.0f, height, -1.0f, 1.0f); glPopAttrib(); end
  2. ImperfectFreak

    SDL+OpenGL not drawn

    what does that lock function do? If it calls SDL_LockSurface on your video surface that is probably a bad thing.
  3. ImperfectFreak

    SDL+OpenGL not drawn

    They are the settings for your framebuffer. The sizes are saying how many bits are allocated for red, green, blue, and usually alpha. I usually set red, green, blue, and alpha to 8 bits each adding up to 32 bits which is usually the fastest setting on a 32 bit system. I usually set the depth size to 16, but if your game is 2D I doubt you even need 16 bits for depth, if you even have depth testing enabled. Also, there are settings for the accumulation buffer and the stencil buffer, which I don't think you are using. And yes you should set doublebuffer to 1.
  4. ImperfectFreak

    SDL+OpenGL not drawn

    A few things right off the top of my head, you do not need to enable hardware acceleration and the hardware palette with those flags. The SDL_OPENGL flag is enough, it will use whatever the systems implementation of OpenGL uses. Another thing, look into SDL_GL_SetAttribute you should call those before SDL_SetVideoMode
  5. ImperfectFreak

    Loading XML files in C++

    It is just a file like any other, all you need to do is some fancy parsing. A library like TinyXML, which I recommend, will do it all for you.
  6. ImperfectFreak

    2d tile map

    zedz, i'm interested in this as well, could you explain that please?
  7. ImperfectFreak

    Wierd Object Issues (C++)

    You want something like Person::Person() :myMap(5, 5) { }
  8. ImperfectFreak

    3D Model Format

    I am looking for a good format for my 3D models. Something that can be exported with Blender preferably. I have worked with MD2 and they are easy to load and render, but unfortunately the exporter/importer in Blender seems to be broken. I cannot ever get animations to work, which is important. Not to mention the MD2 file format itself is fairly restrictive. Anyways, I am attempting to avoid creating my own format and writing my own exporter/importer. Any ideas would be wonderful.
  9. ImperfectFreak

    Quick Intellisense question

    If I remember correctly, C# and possibly other .NET languages, compile as you are typing them, making it easy to point out syntax errors, much like in Eclipse with Java.
  10. ImperfectFreak

    First openGL game - SUPER slow

    Why are you setting the projection matrix every frame?
  11. ImperfectFreak

    TinyXML (for C++) problems

    They aren't linked in right, otherwise you wouldn't be getting linker errors. TinyXML is a great library, I do not understand why you would not use it. I have used it many times with no problem, on Windows through Cygwin, and on Mac.
  12. ImperfectFreak

    TinyXML (for C++) problems

    You haven't compiled the object files.
  13. Does anyone have any suggestions for some good open source games to look at? Preferably C++ and OpenGL, but it doesn't really matter.
  14. ImperfectFreak

    Game Engine Architecture

    Mike, there was a review posted on Amazon by Dave Astle that said something along those lines about previous versions, do you by any chance know which version you read?
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