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  1. nihilisticod

    programmatically determine python object size

    thanks, they look like they will do the trick.
  2. nihilisticod

    Flood fill problem

    If it stops responding and then closes later, it sounds like a stack overflow caused by infinite recursion. Run with a debugger! I'm not sure if this is causing your issue. but one precondition that you may want to check for is that targetColor and replacementColor be different. If they are the same, your code WILL loop infinitely. Assuming the colors are different, imagine what the stack looks like if you click on one corner and it fills all the way to the other corner. When it gets to that other corner, you will be neck-deep in a stack as deep as the width + height of your image. Each time you recurs, you move up/down 1 px or left/right 1px. So, to finally test the opposite corner, you will have gone through at least <height> recursions moving down/up and <width> recursions moving left/right. [Edited by - nihilisticod on June 29, 2008 7:13:43 PM]
  3. nihilisticod

    Rate my "Magic pencil" logo

    I like the font and style of the word Magic. It reminds me of smoke, which is obviously a positive reaction to something having to do with magic. How well will that scale down though? Maybe soften the dropshadow (i.e. more blurred and less opaque). The strokes comming from the pencil are also nicely done and add to the composition. They remind me of many olympic logos a little bit, which could be an effective allusion depending on what your project is about. I don't like the 'pencil' text. I dont think its the font itself, but the fact that there are too many different elements that the logo seems sporadic. Ans since 'pencil' is the last one you see, it seems wrong. What you could try is making the pencil much larger, and using it as an underline for the whole word 'magic'. It could even go through the loop on the 'g'. You could then emboss or stamp the word 'pencil' on to the pencil itself. The font you have for pencil could still work in that case, I think. You may find, though, that the pencil style doesn't match everything else. I'm not sure what to do about it though. I also assume you will sharpen the pencil graphic. It looks like it was poorly scaled. The edges need to be better anti-aliased.
  4. nihilisticod

    @ professional Programmers - still programming on weekends?

    I work fulltime doing C/C++ coding for a company that makes shrinkwrap software, so its a relatively low stress job and it affords me the chance to experiment a bit and try new things rather than just throw LOC at problem i've dealth with before. I also only have a few fixed hours a day, so I don't necessarily work for 8 hours (or more) in a row. Because of that flexibility, I probably work on hobby game programming over 20 hours a week, and not just on weekends. I am always motivated, but sometimes get sidetracked with more alluring hobby (non-programming) projects for short times. I have some advantages over the average person, though. I am single and work close to or sometimes from home, I have a roommate that shares the housework, and I have no fear of burning out as a programmer since I could switch fields and utilize my other degree if I did. I am also wonderfully insane.
  5. Even though you are focusing on maneuverability, I would like to point out that speed caps in outerspace are unrealistic. There is nothing stopping a large ship from accellerating continuously. For example, the battle cruisers in homeworld 2 were understandably sluggish, but why did they stop accellerating after 1 inch per second? Yeah, it would be wise for the pilot(s) to adjust their speed while moving so that they can stop before barelling through enemy lines, but when covering a large distance with a known destination, I would imagine a massive battlecruiser would have the computational facilities to optimize the travel (or atleast some guy who knows calculus). Of course, that introduces the tactical danger of being ambushed and not being able to stop your large ships immediately. I could see that as an interesting game mechanic. On top of that, if these spacecraft have propulsion systems that point out the back, how do they slow down at the same rate that they sped up without turning around? Realistic 'stopping' is something that games don't seem to address.
  6. nihilisticod

    visual studio ignoring some source files

    Neat tool, thanks. I used dumpbin it to look at a lot of build files and realized my build configuration wasn't exactly as I said it was. sorry. The functions in question were not the ones in the exe project itself, but are defined within a source file in my own lib project, which is linked into the final executable. If I add an empty source file with only unreferenced/exported functions to the actual executable project, it produces an exe with correctly exported functions from that file. However, when those exported/unreferenced functions are within the .lib, they do not wind up in the final executable. They symbols for the functions in question ARE in the .obj of the source file where they are defined. the symbols ARE also in the .lib file compiled from those obj files. But the functions do NOT make it into the final exe (while all of the others from the same lib do). I have tried adding /OPT:NOREF to the linker of the executable project and doing a full clean/rebuild of everything to no avail.
  7. nihilisticod

    visual studio ignoring some source files

    where does one get dumpbin? None of the verbose linker messages seem relevant.
  8. nihilisticod

    visual studio ignoring some source files

    in debug mode... I have basically all defaults besides my extra libs. /OUT:"../bin/debug/PG.exe" /INCREMENTAL:NO /NOLOGO /DEBUG /PDB:"../bin/debug/PG.pdb" /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /MACHINE:X86 vcheckappd.lib analysisd.lib winmm.lib kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib winspool.lib comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib uuid.lib odbc32.lib odbccp32.lib
  9. nihilisticod

    visual studio ignoring some source files

    Quote:Alternatively, can you call the functions from within your application? i.e. are the functions being built, but not exported, or are they not being built at all? That's just the thing. If I call just one of the functions in the file in my other code, ALL of the functions in the file get exported correctly. If I call none of them, then NONE of them get exported. I can only assume that they are not being built in at all in that case. wouldn't you agree? I could just stick a dummy function in and call it, but I don't think I should have to do that.
  10. nihilisticod

    visual studio ignoring some source files

    I do use dllexport. Other functions are correctly exported. See my edit.
  11. nihilisticod

    Comitting to a game idea

    Thank your for all of the responses. Quote:Personally, I can't sit down and come up with an idea. Instead, the ideas come to me and I then sit down, usually on a couch in front of a kung-fu movie or talking with my brother, and I flesh them out. I see what I like, ask to see what he'd like/change/add. I do a lot of that with people I know, but it still doesn't catch that one little caveat that turns a neat idea into something impossible to balance, or something utterly tedious. I suppose I just need more people to help digest the idea and find as many of those potential flaws as possible. Once I come up with something that I want to pursue, I may see what gd thinks. Quote:I try to figure out risky things as soon as possible, often by prototyping them. This includes 'is this idea fun' but also 'is this technically possible' and 'do I have the resources for n amount of levels'. It's a good habit to playtest early and often I'm sure you can imagine some gameplay elements that are complex and time consuming so that the prototype itself takes a large comittment. This seems to be true of things that require extensive user input (even with a quick n' dirty UI), or multiplayer ideas which are hard to test extensively. Not that I have no friends, but finding a few people who will tolate said sloppy game interface and see the project for its gameplay potential is difficult. I've just started to be effective at this myself. It makes iterative development more challenging, but I suppose that is just the nature of the beast. Quote:5) It's good to have co-workers. Having someone to work with who help motivate and shares your interest in the game helps the game to progress. Bah, i work with other people enough during the day. I don't want to go home and wonder WTF someone else was thinking with their latest commits on a hobby project. But seriously, finding good team-mates that you can actually talk to in person (thats the kicker) is tough. I'm in no big hurry, so I might as well keep things as pleasant as possible. Besides, I like being able to change ideas when I come up with something more promising. I just would like to be able to recognize unworkable ideas as soon as possible, and moving on with that experience.
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