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    Don't like ending games

    No doubt there, not many ideas are new these days.  More interested in what works well.  I'll have to take a look at Phantasy Star III some time.   Nothing wrong with more content but I do wonder if there is something that can be done with mechanics instead as I tend to be a better coder than storyteller :)   Multiple perspectives is an interesting idea.  You do loose the idea of the character being "my" character "I" created but it would provide excellent immersion.   I will say that is one thing I liked about Fallout 3 is the RPG element enhanced the character's skills but player skill still accounted for quite a lot.
  2. Drethon

    Combat and Parley in RPG

    You could add something like a parlay state into combat so a hostile NPC will not attack the player is in parlay but will not become friendly.  Then as soon as parley ends the hostile can begin attacking.  Basically a continuous loop of the attacker going "can I kill you yet" until you are done talking.   Also a possibility is letting NPCs command each other so when you enter parlay with an NPC, it commands all others to stop being hostile.  When parlay ends that NPC can command the others to become hostile again.
  3. I suspect I'm not along in that my favoriate type of game is RPGs but I don't really like completing them.  I like enjoy creating a building a character.  I just kind of hit a brick wall when the character improvement ends.  This is kind of the same both for single player and multiplayer.   To create a game that focuses more on my favorite part I've been thinking about a "generations" game.  With this game when your character dies, instead of the game ending it continues with the character's offspring or close reletives.  In this way there isn't just one creation and building of a character but many.  On the other hand it seems all it is really doing is taking the normal begin, build and end phases of an RPG and repeating them.   So I'm wondering what others think about this.  Is there a way to focus an RPG more on creation and building as well as extending that part of the game?  Or is this something where existing games have already made the most of what is possible?
  4. The Thief series was an excellent example of alternate gameplay IMHO.
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