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    Level of detail vs. Level of Distraction

    Interesting thoughts, I had somewhat similar ideas for a game. It was a fantasy setting, open world etc but with large scale battles in first person as part of the gameplay. I looked in to how you could have 10-20k characters fighting at the same time, including large beasts and war structures, and I realised that most of those characters would fit in to a few categories- 1) out of sight 2) far away 3) blocked by others 4) in need of detailed rendering Using these ideas I was able to have a few thousand characters on screen without really pushing the detail as low as I could have. I even changed combat mechanics based on distance too, to just basic dice rolls when out of sight. Basically i just wanted to take LOD to another level.
  2. Boruki


    Thank you for posting this - it's great to see how you can make a very effective in-game asset in a few simple steps!   I mostly work with concept level art, rather than polished pieces, but I've been learning lately about producing in-game art and this has solidified a lot of the thoughts I'd had on it... so thanks again!
  3. I wonder if this could be 'stickied' in the help wanted forum?  It has some useful links and covers some ideas that many people seem to miss.   A short and well explained look at starting making indie games.
  4. Boruki

    Advanced Terrain Texture Splatting

    That's a really cool technique!  It adds quite a lot visually for only a little work.   Thanks for sharing!
  5. Boruki

    2010 Retrospective

    Amazing work guys.. It makes me wish I could get my game supporting large landscapes so I could make some awesome videos like this too!
  6. Boruki

    Himalayas Trip

    Absolutely stunning.. makes me feel pretty bad that I never managed to get geometry clipmaps working so I could use such large areas. Maybe if I keep looking at this amazing work it'll inspire me to keep trying!
  7. Boruki

    Inverse Kinematics + Mechs + MOAR WIN

    I'm always really impressed with your work! And the addition of footsoldier NPCs hit close to an idea I'm working on, but struggling with quite a bit too. I'm curious on how you have so many animated characters on the screen at once? What kind of rendering/animation are you using for the characters? My only guess was a vertex list modified by the skeleton? Any ideas you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated!! Edit: I read a bit more from an older post and saw the imposter system. I assume it's pretty similar to the sprites from Duke 3D/Doom? I guess the first question I have is how did you produce the imposter sets? Did you write something that ran through the animations from different angles and took screenshots? Or did you do it by hand? I guess each frame has some kind of "angle" variable so the game knows which set of frames to use?
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