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    Level of detail vs. Level of Distraction

    Interesting thoughts, I had somewhat similar ideas for a game. It was a fantasy setting, open world etc but with large scale battles in first person as part of the gameplay. I looked in to how you could have 10-20k characters fighting at the same time, including large beasts and war structures, and I realised that most of those characters would fit in to a few categories- 1) out of sight 2) far away 3) blocked by others 4) in need of detailed rendering Using these ideas I was able to have a few thousand characters on screen without really pushing the detail as low as I could have. I even changed combat mechanics based on distance too, to just basic dice rolls when out of sight. Basically i just wanted to take LOD to another level.
  2. I wonder if this could be 'stickied' in the help wanted forum?  It has some useful links and covers some ideas that many people seem to miss.   A short and well explained look at starting making indie games.
  3. Boruki

    Advanced Terrain Texture Splatting

    That's a really cool technique!  It adds quite a lot visually for only a little work.   Thanks for sharing!
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