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  1. comparing floats

    can you not round the float to the nearest whole number and then compare?
  2. Any guides for a scroller in C++

    thanks i couldn't think of the other name. Ta
  3. Hi I have an idea for a small space sombat game. The game be contained in a porsion of space that is much bigger than the screen. Like a side scroller but can scroll in any direction up to a pre defined limit. I dont know if i am explaining well but i will try. Say i want an areana 1000x1000 but i only want to see 200x200 at any time. I would like to do this in DirectX. Just wondering if their are any articals out there to give me a head start? thanks
  4. What to use for coding

    I'll stick with visual studio then. I just wanted to see if it was going to be over kill for small software. And yes i suppose i do need to learn it anyway so might as well start. thanks for the responses and so fast
  5. What to use for coding

    Hi I am fed up with not having a demo disk to diplay work i have done so i am going to make some small games. So my questions is what is the best compiler to use for coding C++. I have Microsoft .NET visual studio but i thing this is a little overkill. I am used to coding java and i alwayed used a prog called JCreator which i really lied. Is there a similar product for C++. thanks Buzz
  6. Couple of questions

    Hi I have just recieved the following question: The following line of code declares a pointer to a function type: typedef void (* MyFunctionPointer)( void * lpUserData ); Give two examples of situations where a variable of this type might be used. Are there any other ways of achieving the same results, and if so, what are the pros and cons of those alternatives? I have no idea why this might be used unless it has something to do with being able to code using the fucntion without actually knowing what thefucntions does (as in someones else is writing the function). And i guess a better way of doing it would be with a stardard function. I am sure i am wrong and would really like the correct answer as it has now been driving me mad for the last hour. Thanks Buzz
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