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  1. TriSwords

    Global Variables

    I found the file. Thanks a lot for the help. TS [Edited by - TriSwords on July 18, 2007 11:39:01 AM]
  2. TriSwords

    Starting my second "game"

    For a nice java library look into Golden T Game Engine www.goldenstudios.or.id/products/GTGE I havnt used it in a year or so but when I did it was very well written and the community support was also very good. It has a input, sound, graphics and other libraries that speed up the game design process. As far as C++ goes you can use allegro (Allegro.cc I belive) or look into SDL for graphics. You will have to search for those for more info.
  3. TriSwords

    PL/SQL Question

    Bad internet, it takes me about 5 minutes to load a page where I am. I tried to post 5 times with no luck (timed out) so I just kept trying until it worked (4 more times) Even though I got 3 of the 4 saying it timed out, 3 of them went through. But it was taking too long to post -> time out -> check for time out -> new post -> wait all over again. Then I had to take about 10 minutes per post to delete the others due to the bad load time.
  4. TriSwords

    Getting a tables column names in Oracle?

    Found out how to view the tables Select column_name from all_tab_cols where table_name='NAME' I wasnt capitalizing the name of my table (had name instead of NAME). But does anyone know how to check if the column is a Primary Key, NOT NULL or Foreign Key (can you check this part even)? EDIT: Ok I found out how to determine the Primary Key of a table, so the only thing I need to know now is how to determine if a category is one that cannot have a null value. Thanks for any help. [Edited by - TriSwords on June 20, 2007 11:11:39 AM]
  5. TriSwords

    Oracle / SQL Question

    Perfect. Thank you very much.
  6. First off, I really enjoyed the game, especially the boss fight. However, I did notice a funny little bug. After I beat the boss, I saw the credits, then started a new game to keep playing. I noticed that the number of hour glasses I had collected did not reset. I collected 4 the first time through, and when I returned the 1st I collected was number 5, second was 6 and so on. Dont know if you have seen that (probably so), but I figured it couldnt hurt. Great game, I hope there is more to play sometime!
  7. TriSwords

    Where to start?

    Quote:Original post by laserdude45 Where should I start on my journey of Dx9c? The doucmetion? Gameinstitue? Where? I am also curious on this. I have 3 years of programming experience. 3 Years in Java. 1 year in c(mostly) and a little c++ I have worked with C# a little too I have taken math up to calc I. I have VC++ and VC#. Same approach? [Edited by - TriSwords on May 7, 2006 8:28:30 PM]
  8. TriSwords


    Quote:Original post by honayboyz My sewage/water/trash/"complimentary services" bill last month was $12.00, my rent is $500, $70 for internet/cable, $110!!! for electricity (I have a studio and I'm 12 hour a day computer user). Those are the only bills we pay for the apartment, or should I say I pay. It sucks man if you have an option to live at home TAKE IT!!!! I know its uncool but it's "free". edit: oh yea, and I have insurance on all my stuff, its like $250 a year I think. Homes about 300 miles away, so its not really an option.
  9. TriSwords


    Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers How long are you staying in the flat? Not entirely clear from your OP [oh] I ask because, at least here in the UK, many utility companies specify a minimum (e.g. 6 months) term on their contacts. I've known a couple of people who've been stung by cancelling/leaving before their minimum term is up. Could be worth considering. Jack 3 years most likley. Thanks for all the replies guys.
  10. TriSwords

    College students, post your spring schedules!

    Discrete Math for CS - 3 Credit Hours Computer Systems - 3 Credit Hours Calc II - 3 Credit Hours Intro to Psychology - 3 Credit Hours American Government - 3 Credit Hours I love my schedual for the fact I have one class (Computer Systems) Mon night late to later. Then all my other classes T/R from 10-5. Of course I have to work Mon evenings and all day Wed, but I get my Fridays completely free!
  11. TriSwords

    3D Game Programming

    1. Learn C++ 2. Improve upon your C++ knowledge 3. Make a text based C++ game 4. Make a 2d C++ game 5. Make many more games, learn some math 6. Learn OpenGL or DirectX 7. Try a 3d C++ RPG.
  12. TriSwords

    Books to buy?

    Quote: 1- Beginning C++ Game Programming (Game Development Series) [Paperback] By: Michael Dawson 4- Swords & Circuitry: A Designer's Guide to Computer Role-Playing Games (Game Development) [Paperback] By: Neal Hallford, Jana Hallford 1-- Good book. I really liked it to start. However I also have 1.5 years of Java expirience under my belt. 4-- This has nothing to do with programming. Only development. You could try Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX second edition, but I am not sure how good it is. EDIT: Guess I misread the book name the first time.
  13. TriSwords

    strange or interesting job requirements ?

    You take pride in delivering rock-solid software that works flawlessly the first time and you deliver it before deadlines I think that part stops anyone from getting the job.
  14. TriSwords

    beginner, college..

    Quote: Yeah, the actual programming classes in CS are usually not too difficult. Then again, they're only a fraction of what CS is about. You're in for a few surprises if you think your programming classes are representative of CS. Right now its easy just because it is only learning the langauge too. Plus I can do all I've done because I have looked at C a bit before and already have a few years of java backing. A 3 day lecture over primatives just isnt going to hold my interest.
  15. TriSwords

    beginner, college..

    Quote:Original post by blut3ng3l is it smarter to go to a normal college and get into computer science? or to go to an art college and actually work for game design or programming and get a degree? I have always heard a full degree, then if gaming doesnt work out for you your not hosed.
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