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  1. How do you generate the indices that point to each render item? I'm assuming you would need to have some way to uniquely identify render items?   If we look at a Light Pre-Pass rendering pipeline, the first stage would require the queue to be sorted by depth and the material stage sorted by material/shader/state BUT both stages utilize the same cull results (unless my understanding is incorrect). How is this handled? We have two different sort orders that use the same set of culled objects.
  2. I figured I'd jump in on this thread as I have a similar question.   I'm working on a data-driven renderer (similar to Horde) where you can define a rendering pipeline via a script.   Given:   a) a set of visible objects determined from the culling phase   and    b) a pipeline can have multiple stages each possibly requiring the objects sorted differently (back-to-front, front-to-back, material/state changes, etc)   What is the best way to perform sorting?   To me it'd seem that each stage with a sort option specified would have to loop through each object/drawcall/renderitem and generate a new sort key before sorting. That or each object would need to be filled with all necessary information so that custom sort functions could be written and choose what info to sort on instead of just doing the simple default integer sort using a key value.   Maybe I'm going about this completely wrong. Some insight would be great!
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