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  1. vrok137

    Preferred development OS (Desktop/Laptop).

    Debian, git, and emacs is all I need for development work. Anything else is just an apt-get away.
  2. vrok137

    Am I crazy for wanting to switch my major to Math?

    In my spare time, I enjoy reading beginner books on a variety of technical subjects. Why? Because in every primer I read, I always learn something new that I did not know before. If you want master something, you should always be in a beginner's mindset. An education is what you make of it. If don't think it's essential or useful, then it won't be.... If Math is your honest passion, then you should pursue it. If you're so torn between CS and Math, why not major/minor or double major in these subjects? These combinations are quite common in universities, and there are tons of viable career options in these fields, only you are holding yourself back. The core classes you take at a university should touch upon most of these subjects; and if not, having the Internet & an open mind will more than suffice.
  3. vrok137

    Google+ invites and Discussion

    I have been hearing lots about Google+ recently through many web news outlets. Much of what I've read about is the ability to partition contacts into circles and what-not, and some vaguely described features that allow you to share images or search results across your circles. IMO, there is nothing really earth-shattering about this new service, has anyone else witnessed otherwise? Plus, I wonder how Google+ compares with other social media ventures like Diaspora (assuming the two are even comparable in the first place)?
  4. vrok137

    Google Interview Questions

    A while back I myself had a series of phone interviews with Google, the following were a few of the questions they asked, and we were allowed to ask questions as well: There exists a file directory containing at least 55 thousand plaintext documents. Some of those documents contain phone numbers that are out of date. Given a list of invalid phone numbers and their new, updated equivalents, how would you go about updating all invalid phone numbers within all files within the directory?Write an algorithm that performs a binary search on a sorted, but rotated array of integers.Compare and contrast various data structures utilized across multiple programming languages: Hashtable, Hashmap, Treemap, etc. Fun, Fun .
  5. vrok137

    How many people have bailed on Gamedev.net?

    Ever since the community system overhaul, accessing the site is a pain as pages/threads take a significant amount of time to load across my work, university, and home ISP. That is about the only reason I have as to why I have been visiting the site less often, and its a shame because when the new system was rolled out I was really looking forward to making use of the developer journals. Maybe my ISP hates me, I don't know, but I have already submitted this through the feedback channel so we'll see how it goes.
  6. vrok137

    Recent computer science grads

    What do you perceive is encompassed by the term IT? For some it implies anything minutely related to computers, from system administration to the average code monkey. And a few others like to emphasize that there is a clear distinction between IT, software engineering, and other such technically related fields. To get back to the point, there are plenty of entry level jobs out there for CS undergrads in Texas, especially if you are willing to relocate to a metropolitan area such as Dallas or Austin. The challenge is that employers are looking for candidates with the most talent and expertise related to the open position, so expect a lot of competition.
  7. vrok137

    What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    I must say, there are certain aspects of the new GDNet design that I like, and others that will take quite a while to get used to: 1. Site layout - As many others have stated, the new layout definitely has a Web 2.0 field to it. I loved the old layout, it had a very professional/wall-street-like feel to it, so much so that the simple act of making a post sometimes intimidated me (I know, call me weird). When I read content from sites like Mashable, I enjoyed poking fun at how many like, tweet, and digg icons a single page had, now that the GDNet site has a similar feel, I'm left kind of holding my tongue. And I agree that forums need to be better emphasized on the site than they currently are. 2. User profiles - I'm impressed. User profiles in the old site felt like a trip back to the 90's, and features such as the friends and PM's were in dire need of improvement. Overall I'm impressed, but I'm not so sure if it was a good idea to give everyone access to avatars, as it kind of detracts from the professional feel of the forums. 3. Rating system - I like this new idea about rating posts instead of users, but I still understand the significance of being able to see the individual rating of a user directly from their posts. With such a rating system, I was able easily to tell whom within the community was most helpful and/or knowledgeable on a specific subject. Sure the rating system turned into a race to the bottom when it came to heated threads, but I believe overall it forced users into constructing well-written, no BS posts, and I think that is why GDNet had such high quality content coming from the forums. I would like to see a better compromise between these two features, I find them both useful. I also find the join date of a member to be a more valuable attribute than their post count, in general I have never been fond of community forums that emphasized a user's post count directly within a post (I know, a lot of forums do this, which is why I enjoyed visiting GDNet in particular). I'm positive I'll grow to like this new Gamedev, I just hope it continues to maintain its professional appeal which made it stand out from the rest.
  8. vrok137

    So i quit my job and told them they suck!

    Quote:Original post by way2lazy2care Quote:Original post by VerMan (18K/yr EUR with mid-senior tasks responsibilities, headaches, stress, etc, etc) dude that's close to minimum wage. That's pretty weak :-/ I can totally relate to the OP. IMHO small business is notorious in setting new lows when it comes to salary level vs. job responsibilities. Around my area, small businesses (especially those that run a website/business application) flock towards the local universities in search of Computer Science/CIS students willing to perform demanding job tasks at near minimum wage. I figure they love this method of recruiting as it gives them a reason to give lower pay for nearly the same amount of work expected out of a full-time employee (under the argument that it's 'experience'), thus saving themselves money. Granted it’s not as horrible as child/3rd-world labor, but it’s definitely a demotivating factor for the average CS student with regards to future career prospects.
  9. vrok137

    How should I prepare for CS in college?

    Programming, no matter the language, is actually pretty easy once you can get the syntax down. A lot of CS undergrad courses, or at least those that I have taken myself, tend to go more into theoretical topics such as automata theory, algorithms, and/or software engineering methodologies. My suggestion for you is to make sure you have a clear understanding of basic calculus and discrete mathematics, as these maths are typically involved in sophomore - senior level courses.
  10. irreversible, I submitted my super secret santa gift to you. Happy holidays everyone!
  11. vrok137


    Quote:Original post by Zach aBear Quote:Original post by Chris Reynolds Hi Zach - For being 16, you are on a great track. Being a perfectionist is a good thing because it shows that you are passionate and that you believe your work is a reflection of you and your values. The fact that you acknowledge this means you will ultimately overcome its inherent downfalls like fear of failure. You'll grow out of that stuff. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and put stuff out there that you may be self-conscious of, until your confidence grows. Eventually you'll realize that what once held you back is what drives you forward. It's probably likely that you have a person in your life that has a critical personality (father, mother) - you'll find this to be equally a blessing and curse. These forums are full of very intelligent people. Some are helpful and mature, some are not helpful and immature; most are a healthy mix of both. Anyway, welcome to the forums - now start working on something cool :) Thank you. You are truly supportive and inspirational, don't take that for granted. I say we just get back to programming. We are called code monkeys for a reason.
  12. vrok137


    I loved Samuel Adam's Winter Lager, can't wait till it comes back in stock this season. Also on my list is the traditional Sam Adam's Boston Lager, New Castle Brown Ale, and Dos Equis as my favorite Mexican beer. When I'm out of it, or don't feel like have a drink with a complex flavor, Miller Lite will do.
  13. vrok137

    Final Destination Experiences / Near Death

    About a year ago I was driving back to my dorm room sometime during the night. The road I was taking was poorly lit and cramped with trees that obscured my line of sight. I noticed there were some flashing red lights up ahead, but it was too hard to tell what they were, so I thought it was a broken intersection light or something. Well it happened to be a train junction without the usual safety rails that come down when a train is approaching, and worst of all I did not realize it until I was right in the middle of it. Fortunately I missed the train by about 4 - 5 seconds, but I was pretty much shaken up for days to come. Even to this day, it gives me the shivers thinking about those flashing red lights in the dark of night, I hate driving at night now.
  14. vrok137

    average age of a GD'er?

    I'm 21. I joined this community when I was about 16. I'm also finishing my final classes in order to graduate with my bachelor's in computer engineering. I love game programming for fun, but where I live there is greater job security in the IT industry (which I will be aiming for). Now looking back at it, I really wish I chose a more 'mature' username than vrok137. But oh well, we live with our mistakes.
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