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  1. If your life got reset and you were born again in the year you were born, what would you do differently leading up to the time in which you have lived so far? For me, I'd have to say I'd not give up on things when they got hard and pushed on.
  2. The one thing that kinda confused me.. was that it took a whole book to tell us snape was the half-blood prince? Please.. I could do that in one sentence. This book just seemed to have moved right off the story and into a sub story then back again as if we missed out on things. It didn't feel like the Harry Potter books I read happily through 1 to 5...
  3. It's all part of the plan. Snape is trying to prove that he is really on the dark side, he has to kill Dumbledore to show this but really, he is Harry's father.
  4. I kind of had a problem like this not long ago. Turned out my heatsink/fan was broke on my CPU.. check it out?
  5. Human technology is what, 3,000 years old? We're pretty advanced. Now think 3 million years. The aliens just didn't seem advanced enough. In 10,000 years we'll probably be way more advanced then they are in 3 million. New Ending: Aliens realise the bacteria is killing the, so they go back in TIME, fix the problem and attack again. Come on... 3 million years..
  6. I've followed F1 for a while, I just can't understand why the 1 set of tires per race was added? It's the worst rule I've ever heard of in F1, along with 1 engine per race. Who watches F1 to see engineers vs engineers making their engine last long? Today just showed how much of a downfall F1 is taking after the changes this year. Those people who paid to see the race should of seen a race. The problem should of been sorted overnight, not 30 mins before the race. It wasn't even sorted! I love F1, I wish it would get better, but it's really going the other way. There is so much less action than there was last year, even with Ferrari dominating. Not finding a good solution was just pitiful.
  7. I have been having problems with my CPU overheating, so I decided after not being able to take the heatsink/fan off, I'd take out the motherboard to get a better view After taking the motherboard out, I found it much easier to remove the heatsink/fan and put thermal paste on to see if it helped. I put everything back together and now I have starting up problems. I have cables going from my start up button which connect to my motherboard that I have no idea where they go. Without them connected, if press start up the LED on my motherboard lights up, the CPU fan spins maybe two rotations then nothing. The LED on my motherboard is still on, but I cannot start up. Does this sound like CPU damage? There are 2 groups of cables, each spread into a group of 4 single connectors with "VCC" "D-" "D+" and "Ground" with numbers 1 or 2, relative to the group. Do these sound like something that would stop start up? My mother board is an Intel 8PENXP. Any ideas?
  8. Quote:Original post by vNistelrooy Don't turn the PC on anymore. Do you want to kill your CPU? Try putting the MB in a freezer for 10 minutes, or just take it to the shop you have bought it from. Pfff the shop charges me £40 to change heatsink/fan, thats WITHOUT paying for the heatsink/fan. Fuckers. I could do it myself if ONLY I knew how to remove this stupid heatsink and fan. Are they normally clipped on that I have to use a screwdriver to get them off?
  9. I've tried. The heatsink actually MOVES around, it slides around. I'm currently idleing at 75 degrees C! I need to get this heatsink off but it is impossible. What would be the best way to try to remove it? Unscrew the motherboard and see if I can CUT it off?
  10. I need help. Yesterday, after nearly a year of buying a new PC, my CPU seems to have something wrong with it. Its a P4 3.2Ghz Prescott 1MB Cache with stock fan/heatsink. The problem is, yesterday when I was playing a game at full load my computer shut off and wouldn't start up. I thought it was the PSU at first, until I saw that my CPU was getting to 90 degrees C under full load!! Normally, the highest it got to under load was 70 max. I figured that I could put some thermal paste on but I cannot remove the fan and heatsink. Its impossible. I have tried everything, there is no way to get it off after releasing the two leavers that hold it down. The heatsink isn't stuck to the CPU as it is sliding around.. How do you get it off? I've tried everything. I'm currently idleing at 60 degrees C... Please help :D
  11. Every country is fucked. You can't change it, don't even try to. Just forget and live in a dream world. Ignore all the bad things happening, live your life without pain or hardship. Leave all the shit behind, because it sure won't leave you behind..
  12. When I'm looking for porn, Google.com is the place for me!
  13. Just admit it. You have a small penis. Just kidding. She obviously has aids and wants to spread it. SAY NO TO AIDS.
  14. I dream of my mother and padme.
  15. I'm looking here in my book of dreams.. and it seems to be telling me you have an unused erection. I don't know what it means..