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    WOW that looks insane.. I still wanna work on my project. I think i can go really far with the right people and if not i have a HUGE level to mess with in the end with alot of options..THanks for that post..IM all over it now!!
  2. ifeelsodumbrightnow


  3. ifeelsodumbrightnow


    Before i became anything that involved 3d i would post on sites about this game idea. Or i would see other people posting about the same idea. And wow were they shot down. Mainly because they didnt have screen shots. Or any thing else to explain when asked. Well i started working on a game. And now after building a small nieborhood i wanna mess around with a team. So i posted in the help section. Luckly i got responce. So whos know maybe a small, small portion of my idea will come along and push other to keep attemping this huge plan. Game Idea Come on the game of life would be insane. driving places Hanging out with people. Doiing everything u can do in real life but on the computer. It would be like a whole second chance. I think it would be totally cool. Of course it would have to involce endless programming Endless nights of modeling and idea making. But Once the new gtaS came out i realize how close they were. If this game is still impossible I still dont mind giving it a shot. But here can u go to my small, like 4 screenshots page and let me know how You think im doing on the nieborhoods so far..Thanks Everyone. If you have any ideas let me know!!!
  4. ifeelsodumbrightnow

    3d grass bitmap ( HELP ME )

    yeah i sat there and worked with mind. Its lookds great. It looks real. Infact i even added mostion so it looks like it blows in the wind..My next huge step with by the way im looking a head cuz my pc cant handle it..But ive been working with the ANIMATION this is real time..And i drop a ball on it and it looks like the grass bends in like real grass..after messing with it...Its close not perfect..But im hoping that when im done with this level i can get someone to help me with my plan..If u wanna see a pic so u can decide how mine looks let me know i have aim...
  5. ifeelsodumbrightnow

    3d grass bitmap ( HELP ME )

    sry i didnt mean bitmap..i meant sprite! that dont fallow you.
  6. ifeelsodumbrightnow

    Lights and X File

    Im not sure. But one time i was using rad when i was trying hard to make games. And i made a model from 3dsmax and used a converter i got from the 3drad links. When i finally got the model to show up in rad, it didnt used the lights i had. So i had to render to texture and make lightmap texture.
  7. ifeelsodumbrightnow

    3d grass bitmap ( HELP ME )

    Ok create 3d levels just for the hell of it...But i was just wondering if this would work if it was in a game...Ok i make a bitmap with white and black dots all over the place. Theres a tutorial on how to make grass this way.. Now once i have the white and black dots i make it so u cant see the black dots just the white ones. Then i use a gras texture. So now i have many dots. then i copy that plane or bitmap and raise it. i do this about 5 times making a 3d grass type look. Now im stuck not knowing if this would work in a game...Im working on a huge level and i just finished making the grass everywhere. But many people told me it would read the grass as a bitmap and u wouldnt be able to walk threw it...Other said becuz i used a 2d plane witch i did it wouldnt read the effects i put on it and not even show up... i was just wonder should i kill the grass or figure out how to this..if u have any advice let me know. If i knew how to post pics i can show u too if needed! thanks everyeone
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