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  1. wodinoneeye

    Introduction to Game Programming with CUDA

    Need a bigger realworld example like dynamic collision detection (possibly including ricochet paths??) on mass projectiles - probably against derived 3D terrain data (with dynamic parts added)   May need a temporal continuation persistance for projectiles which take many turns to transit their paths (and dynamic object can move into/outof way)
  2. "Store' (outside real money used to buy things in-game) can be slippery slopes.   (offering coins and such you can supposedly also get by 'just playing' never seems to get the player enough to actually get much - and runs contrary to making 'store' profits by selling the coins for real money).   Once the money people who own/run a game get their 'greed on'  they can force a game into crass ingame salesmanship that poisons the essence of the game.    Suddenly there are endless gimmicks and 'sales'  in-game pushing the players to 'buy buy buy'.    Popup advertisements and notifications appear endlessly throughout the player's game experience.   Pay-to-Win becomes a temptation and can ruin any sense of achievement players have.  Its also warps game operation to facilitate sales of now 'special items'  (to generate profits)    There can be stripping of important chunks of the game to be offered 'seperately' via the store thus cheating the base players of already limited content unless they pay yet more to get what before they normally got default.   Effort that should have gone to providing a better game now goes to making the 'store' work (all the programming and personnel, explanations, support)
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