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  1. I don't have personal experience with those tools, so I'm in no position to give you personal feedback, but a quick search showed me this poll, which might give you some pertinent opinions. But clearly, if there is an integrated tool in Unity2D (I didn't know, so thank you for that!), you might want to see if it works for you, first. Then if you find it lacking, it'll be time to see if those dedicated tools answer your needs better. It's always nicer to work with integrated tools, if you're new to something. Once you get a bit of confidence, you can start looking around for better tools, as you'll be in a better position to judge whether you want to invest money or not. The main thing I wanted you to be aware of is the existence of these skeletal animation systems, because they are a great solution for people who want sprites but don't want/can't afford to do frame by frame animation.
  2. ahw

    Color interpolation between orange and blue

    If you just want to know how to do a gradient, I'm not sure you need much help. But if you want to learn about sunsets and sky colour, you may want to look up Rayleigh scattering and associated phenomena. A good start would be this article linked from the Wikipedia page on Rayleigh scattering. I get a feeling you might want to reformulate your original question. What do you want to know, really? The colour of the sky throughout a day/night cycle? The colours to use to properly light your scene?
  3. Nowadays if you really have no experience drawing and don't want to learn 3D, you may want to look into skeletal animation for 2D graphics. The idea is to use sprites, but not in the classic way. It's much easier to see it in action than me trying to make a concise written explanation, so I suggest you look up the three softwares (I know of) who do this : Spriter from BrashMonkey, Spine from Esoteric Software and Dragon Bones from Egret Technologies. But essentially, you draw your character in a certain stance and then you use bones (like in 3D animation) to animate. With all the cool tools provided, it's much much easier to produce decent work quickly than hand animating everything. Spriter also has tons and tons of free content to test the whole concept. I hope this helps
  4. ahw

    I don't get c++11.

    That was the single best explanation I've read about those damn lambda expressions since I've first heard about them and pointlessly tried to grok them. Thank you very much!
  5. ahw


    Aaah! So that's why you have been so quiet on the Game Design forum [grin] Well, congrats, and when are we gonna get a look at this book, then?
  6. ahw


    Wow! I really ought to check out those developers journals more often, eh? Maybe you should just put a link in your sig or something? Anyway, great work all around! I wish I had more time to read all of it at work [grin] Philippe
  7. ahw

    Craft, Art, Discipline and Honor

    How very appropriate that I would read this great piece of advice just today. Only last night the same kind of experience happened to me, but unlike you, I turned my own ideas down because I needed the sleep. And it wasn't just one idea, oh no, but three in a row. "Don't want this one? Well, here is another one, why don't you try it for size?" my mind seemed to be telling me. And like the disillusioned artist I am, I let them go and tried to sleep... thinking about all the work I would have to do today [rolleyes] well, thank you for this generous and, more importantly to me, inspirational piece of writing (and it's very nicely written, too!) I have been carrying my notepad and trusty pencil for some time now, but most of my best ideas seem to haunt me at night. Next time I'll know what to do [grin]
  8. ahw

    40th Hour

    LOL :-) 17000 words in 3 days? Well, at least it gives me some hope for my own thesis... maybe I can manage to write that much, if I find some time out of work that is [rolleyes] Then again, unlike my MSc thesis, you have the advantage of writing towards some goal, it seems. Good luck with the book, then!
  9. ahw

    Why Dream Big?

    Gee, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a developer journal... shame on me! I'll have to check it out, although I suppose I already spend so much time browsing and answering your threads :-P
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