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    In VB.Net, in my game inside my bullet constructor i would like to have rectangles i guess you could say assigned to each bullet, ship, enemy ect. That way I can do rectangle.intersectwith to figure out collision detection. Would any one be able to help me with the coding for the rectangles?
  2. FierceTiger

    help with game

    ok im working on my game in vb.net, ive created a loop for bullets to be created allowing me to fire multiple bullets. But when i try to loop through them again to remove the ones off screen my program freezes up and tells me that the index was out of range. It removes one at a time but if theres more than one bullet on the screen the game freezes. heres my code For i = 0 To bullets.Count - 1 Dim b As Bullet b = bullets.Item(i) If b.loc.Y <= 25 Then bullets.Remove(b) End If what am i missing?
  3. FierceTiger

    I need an example 2d tile-based RPG

    im not exactly sure what youre using to make your game (vb.net,C++ ect.) but heres a tutorial that completely outlines how a guy made an rpg in VB6 maybe you can find somethings that will help you. http://markbutler.8m.com/vb-tutorial.htm
  4. FierceTiger

    game loop

    should i create a seperate loop in a game for bullets,enemies ect... or just use the same loop?
  5. FierceTiger

    GameLoop in VB.Net

    How would I make a gameloop in VB.net to keep track of a bullets movement?
  6. Ok I have a gotten a bitmap to be taken from file and put onto the form, how do i make it move around with the arrow keys?
  7. FierceTiger

    Bitmap help

    ive used a bitmap to put draw a ship onto my form in VB.net, how do i get it to move? or would i have to use sprites?
  8. FierceTiger

    AI in Vb.net 2003

    Thx for the suggestion
  9. FierceTiger

    AI in Vb.net 2003

    How would I create a simple ai for an enemy ship in a game like space invaders, insteaded of just having it randomly fire and move back and forth across the screen. I want the ship to be able to think a little bit, instead of being stuck on a predictable track... (Note: I have no experience in A.I)
  10. FierceTiger

    Collision Detection in VB

    Im doing a game in 2d, using graphics ive created myself... I just want to know how to see if the bullet collides with the ships, that way if it does I can make the ship blow up. When Ive tried detecting the collision eiether the bullet goes right through or if it goes past it but not through it then it explodes.
  11. FierceTiger

    Collision Detection in VB

    How would I detect the collision between a bullet and an alien ship? To see if the bullet is hitting the ship?
  12. FierceTiger

    Posting Again

    Im gonna make graphics in FireWorks and put them on the form with out using a picture box...Also how would I make an array to keep track of everything on the field? Such as seeing if a bullet intersects with an enemy?
  13. FierceTiger

    Posting Again

    I know ive posted several times but i think its the lack of VB usage that has left my questions unanswered. Once again if anyone has used VB and would like to give me some assistance with drawing directly onto a form, or would know a book to buy for game programming using VB it would help alot. THX
  14. FierceTiger

    Im a newbie

    if i knew what you were using i might be able to help, just post and ill help if i can
  15. FierceTiger

    More help

    I just completed a comp sci 1 class in high school, and from what a college professor told me(atleast with Visual Basic) that I've been doing things that he's teaching at his students level. For my next semester in school im doing an independant projects class form my compsci 1 teacher, creating more games using Visual Basic. Now I know its not the best from what ive been told or most ppl dont use it but I want to be fluent in it enough before i move on to a language like C++.If anyone here has used Visual Basic and would like to help me in game programing using it( simple stuff right now, im thinking about space invaders) i would appreciate any advice. If you want i am on almost everyday and you can eiether post here or send me a private message. THX
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