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    The last 2 years

    Nice work on getting a job there! I have a few friends there who I am hoping can get me a job after school. I live in Bellevue, so if you ever want to get together for a drink, let me know!
  2. Iced_Eagle

    Windows 7

    Quote:Original post by evolutional I'm too scared to install it. I have 32 bit vista, want to go to 64 bit win7, but don't want to risk trshing my lovely HP laptop I upgraded my moms machine actually since she was getting frustrated with Vista. The only trouble I ran into was finding an onboard sound card driver. The manufacturer for that is a bit lazy, and you have to go through a few hoops to find and install the driver (it's basically an XP driver that has been "fixed" to install on Vista/Win7, but it works perfectly fine).
  3. Iced_Eagle


    #2 absolutely.
  4. Iced_Eagle

    off to the MVP Summit :-D

    Just curious, but what bar are you heading to? I live in Bellevue (quite literally across the street from the MS Visitors center) so I may know it.
  5. Iced_Eagle


    Nice entry! Also, I didn't know about the size of window vs available client area! I immediately went to my game, did some debugging and figured out if we were having that issue (since we were getting interesting graphics artifacts on some machines a few weeks ago). Due to our Window style though, we didn't run into that issue though, but I changed our code so if anyone changes the style in the future, nothing weird will happen. :) I fixed the bug that never happened, woohoo!
  6. Iced_Eagle

    I 3 MSDN

    Quote:Original post by Drilian .NET Remoting: Too Hot for MSDN! You can order the uncensored version of this page for three easy installments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling. You stole my joke about the XXX :P
  7. Iced_Eagle

    Executing an array as code

    LOL That is extremely awesome.
  8. Iced_Eagle

    BlockStacker (beta 2)

    Very nice :) One thing that I always love to see out of Tetris style games is that it sort of shows a "shadow" of where it will fall. Essentially just a transparent clone if you dropped it right there. That way I don't run into one-off problems when I'm bringing a break down and judged it up wrong. Then again, you could decide for that judging to be a part of the gameplay so it's your call how you want it. :)
  9. Iced_Eagle

    Project Gotham Racing 4: It Sucks!

    Quote:Original post by MarijnStevens I figure, does GTA IV finally has some ragedolls metholds if you hit someone ? 9 years left :) hehe.. Actually it's more than just 'ragdoll'. It uses NaturalMotion's Euphoria system. It's the same one LucasArts is using for The Force Unleashed. Essentially it takes concepts of the ragdoll, and adds some AI and biomechanics to it. IE, characters attempt to protect themselves (try going in a car and barely nudge them and watch them push off the car instead of just getting hit). On top of that, any of the shooting, getting up, etc animations are all procedurally generated on the fly by the CPU :) It's cool stuff. Look it up if you have time.
  10. Iced_Eagle

    Need more power

    I know this is going to be the last thing you may want to hear, but wait till SP1. They have tons of fixes going out that help with disk performance & reliability... Though the scenario's it fixes don't sound extreme as yours! Maybe old HDD or something?
  11. Iced_Eagle

    Can you stop the alien menace?

    Quote:Original post by Stompy9999 I downloaded the zip file, and it works for me. What is the error message you are getting? Is it a DLL error or is the game just crashing? Crash right on start-up. I get the Vista thing "CaptainAce.exe has stopped working..." then I click debug and get this. http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/2272/captureqt5.jpg
  12. Iced_Eagle

    Can you stop the alien menace?

    It's crashing for me. :( Is the file uploaded working correctly for you? Are there log files I can upload to you?
  13. Iced_Eagle

    Changing the name of the DirectX forum

    I completely agree XNA needs its own forum. There's some overlap, but such is life. XNA is only going to get bigger so it would definitely be better to have its own place. Keep all DirectX threads in one forum, regardless of version. If you can talk to the admins of the forums, a neat thing that I've seen in a few forums, and an awesome tool if used correctly, would be to add new icons people can put on their threads. For example, when you post a thread with a major error, sometimes people will put the exclamation point icon on. Now instead of the smilies and whatever, add icon's for "DX10" "DX9", etc. That way before someone enters the thread, if the icon was used correctly, they will know if its a DX10 or DX9 or whatever issue. REALLY easy to see at a glance what people need help with :) That's just a suggestion though. I'm not sure how much power they give you over your section :P
  14. Iced_Eagle

    New Screens and guns / Work in progress

    Hm, the first guy's head is really not proportionate. It's really small! Is that because you're using the Nvidia editor or whatever you use to take that shot and it's screwing up the aspect ratio or something? Otherwise, looks awesome man. Elevated train is a nice idea, and should add a lot more "life" into the city.
  15. Iced_Eagle

    Al Gore didn't invent the internet.....

    That's quite a dream, and would be really cool! :) Unfortunately, I'm part of that younger generation being brought up on the tough internet we know today (currently I'm 18). I'm always so jealous of the people like yourself who talked about the old days and all of the cool stuff you could do "back then". *sigh* If only there were time machines when people knew the difference between good and bad hackers and not lumped them up as all hackers are bad hackers.
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