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  1. Please help, I can not convert a midi file into a wave file, using DirectMusic Producer version (the latest). . Here is what I did: 1. Open File/New /Project. 2. Open File/Import File into Project/Midi File as Segment. (name of midi is Ave Maria). 3. Highlight Ave Maria/click File/Runtime Save As (Ave Maria.sgt). 4. Click Set Wave File Name (Ave Maria.wave) 5. Play from Start: Ave Maria.sgp and simultaneously 6. Click Start Export to wave file. But nothing gets recorded. The steps above are the ones recommended in Help. Obviously I overlooked some simple steps . Can you please tell me which ones. Thank you in advance, Gerhard
  2. I wish to convert a midi file into a wave file, using MusicDirect Producer version (the latest). I succeed in importing the midi file into a Project as a sgp file. But when I play this sgp file and try to record it as a wave file, nothing gets recorded. Obviously I missed some simple steps. Can you please tell me how to do it. Thanks in advance, Gerhard
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