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  1. My question is that is it possible to pass variables into templates because templates are run during compile time. I really wanted to pass a random int into a template but the compiler yelled at me. Is it at all possible to do this.
  2. Is there a way to use direct x in masm assembly, If so could one point me into the right direction.
  3. In my assembly class i am required to write a simple game, and i am using windows xp. My qestion is that is it possible to use interrupts in windows xp to get down to the level of the hardware? If so how?
  4. dk32321

    Pong Collision

    i am sorry i didnt even know i posted twice.. i dont see it on any other thread.
  5. having trouble performing pong collision detection here is what i got. I know it is wrong.... if(Collision(rect,rect2)) { //MessageBox(NULL,"TEST","COLLISION",MB_OK); if(top) { //MessageBox(NULL,"TEST","COLLISION",MB_OK); bG_deltaY *= -2; bG_deltaX *=-1.5; top = false; } else bG_deltaX *= -1; }//end if if(IntersectRect(&rectD,&rect2,&rect3)) { bG_deltaX *=-1; } int Collision(RECT Rect1,RECT Rect2) { if((Rect1.right >= Rect2.left) && (Rect1.top <= Rect2.bottom) && (Rect1.bottom >= Rect2.top) && (Rect1.left <= Rect2.right)) { if(Rect2.left < Rect1.right && Rect2.bottom > Rect1.top) { top = true; } return 1; } else return 0; }
  6. I am having trouble with pong collision detection this is what i got but know it isnt right bG_deltaX = -5; bG_deltaY = -5; if(Collision(rect,rect2)) { //MessageBox(NULL,"TEST","COLLISION",MB_OK); if(top) { MessageBox (NULL,"TEST","COLLISION",MB_OK); bG_deltaY *= -1; //bG_deltaX *=-1; top = false; } else bG_deltaX *=-1; }//end if int Collision(RECT Rect1,RECT Rect2) { if((Rect1.right >= Rect2.left) && (Rect1.top <= Rect2.bottom) && (Rect1.bottom >= Rect2.top) && (Rect1.left <= Rect2.right)) { if(Rect2.left < Rect1.right && Rect2.bottom > Rect1.top) { top = true; } return 1; } else return 0; }
  7. I am making a mario type side scrolling game in direct, just wondering in your opinion what way is the best way to do the scrolling. the way i have it is i have one big background world, and have my character move around the screen in the coorindates of 640 x 480, just wondering if there are other ways to do it. is it nesseary to have tiles for side scrolling games.
  8. I am making a 2d side scrolling game in direct x, and just wondering is it a good idea to store all your level information into a xml file. if anybody could answer i would appreciate it.
  9. i am making this simple pong game, using two rectangles one for the paddle and one for the ball, i got the collision to work if a the two rectangles intersect using the IntersectRect(&rectD,&rect2,&rect3) function and when that is true i change the delta's of my x coord for the ball, but the problem comes in when the ball collides with the top part of the paddle and the ball goes through the paddle cause i am not changing my y delta's when it collides up. if anybody could help me with this i would appreciate it.
  10. I have got sapi to working and in the function to speak is Speak (L"OK", SPF_DEFAULT, NULL ); the first parameter that has the string literal and the "ok" in it is using the WCHAR data type format, the problem is that when i try to add my own varible in there it gives me lots of errors. Can somebody explain to me how to use the WCHAR data type.
  11. I am making a network pong game in direct x 9, where you two people can play pong online. Wondering which i shoud choose to write the network code winsock, or directplay. If somebody could help me i would appreciate it.
  12. I know the process... I just need to know how to erase the bitmap from the screen
  13. i got a bitmap loaded on the screen, my question is how would you make the bitmap move like a ball in pong. if somebody could help me i would appreciate it.
  14. i got this code ATOM MyRegisterClass(HINSTANCE hInstance) { //create the window class structure WNDCLASSEX wc; wc.cbSize = sizeof(WNDCLASSEX); //filling the struct with info wc.style = CS_HREDRAW | CS_VREDRAW; wc.lpfnWndProc = (WNDPROC)WinProc; wc.cbClsExtra = 0; wc.hInstance = hInstance; wc.hIcon = NULL; wc.hCursor = LoadCursor(NULL,IDC_ARROW); wc.hbrBackground = (HBRUSH)GetStockObject(WHITE_BRUSH); wc.lpszMenuName = NULL; wc.lpszClassName = APPTITLE; wc.hIconSm = NULL; return RegisterClassEx(&wc); } and i am just wondering what ATOM means and what kind of data type that is
  15. I just got a videoFX electronic basketball game at wal-mart and i was wondering it is possible to reverse engineer it and make a game for it or edit the existing game for it.
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