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    parsing x files

    Damn I must be blind, someone wrote another tutorial for parsing x files as a sticky. I'll check that out to see if it fits my needs.
  2. Hi. I've been searching this forum & google for several weeks now, trying to find out how to parse an x file in DirectX. I tried the tutorial at for parsing x files in an article, but it doesn't have all my needs. I need to be able to extract information of objects in the x file such as the position (x,y,z) and their dimensions. Is this even possible in the x file architecture? When I look at the x file, I don't see any information that would tell me their position. I'd like to be able to do this is C# (.NET) rather than C++, since I don't enjoy string manipulation in C++. The goal would be to have someone build a game level using MAX, export to x format, then I can extract the position & dimensions of objects and load it into a game for collision detections. If you could help out, point me to the right sources, that'd be great. Thanks!
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