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  1. hymerman

    Dirty deeds done with sheep

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya This is maybe the only industry on Earth in which I can say the words "tuning to prepare for corpses." Perhaps as a morgue worker, rearranging the furniture? Also I'd recommend Bullet for a physics engine, it's very fully featured and stable. I don't have a clue what its Mac support is like though. When I was looking for a physics library Tokamak had a nice feature list but its community was populated entirely by spam-bots and the documentation was awful.
  2. hymerman


    My #1 feature for a racing game would be a decent representation of the track surface - as a curved surface rather than as a mesh. Using a mesh seems to be the main reason for an awful lot of odd handling quirks. Of course that wouldn't matter if your tracks are all flat. I'll leave it with you; let me know when you've solved it.
  3. hymerman

    Obligatory screenshot

    You want to buy a car from the future?
  4. hymerman

    Delivery quests!

    "I wonder if playing videogames would restore my motivation; I haven't had my 360 connected to the net in several months, even though I have a few achievements to record." Do it. I got a 360 (had to buy it myself, stingy Microsoft...) and added you as a friend a while ago. I was beginning to think you just didn't care about me :( p.s. Microsoft isn't really stingy, I'm sat in my £600 Aeron chair surrounded by 360 devkits, big monitors, Microsoft/Rare-branded parephenalia, wearing my $130 MGS-branded jacket, I'm having a free Christmas roast at 12, it'll be the Christmas party with free bar/buffet on the weekend... life is good :) p.p.s. Oh yeah, well done on the progress and stuff. Hope you're keeping gamedev.org in check while I'm being lazy.
  5. hymerman


    Get a motorbike. Also, Perfect Dark Zero and Viva Pinata are excellent titles, you must buy them immediately.
  6. Quote:Original post by Ravuya I hope you enjoyed it, but for a lot of days (like today) I had nothing to say except "I made incremental improvements, I can't show you them because they aren't visual, here is a picture of a cat." I thought your project was a cat.
  7. hymerman

    Don't make me itemize you

    Shame on you rav, implementing functionality before you need it! Still, things are looking good, keep it up :)
  8. That's just garages for you... on my travels around Europe I bumped some guy's car (200m from the ferry port on the way home, after 3000 miles...) and caused a dent in the front wing. It's going to cost me £450 to fix (exactly what my excess is!). I figure I could buy a Suzuki Liana front wing off eBay, get it sprayed, strap it to my bike and ride over to France to fit it for him for much less. Absolute fucking rip-off.
  9. hymerman

    Horse hockey

    Only fucking red ones.
  10. hymerman

    I say we put MUSTARD on it!

    Might want to remove the 'phpsessid' part of the URL, rav... You're lucky I'm not in the mood for mischief ;)
  11. hymerman

    Lipstick on a pig

    I like the FPS bar. What does it display when the FPS goes above 1000 though? :)
  12. hymerman


    Congratulations on finishing and whatnot, old boy! I wish I was in the same position as you, but I won't be finished for another month yet :( Also, I must say you're either crazy or have strikingly large balls to be thinking about deferred rendering and GUIs during your finals.
  13. The character animation wasn't that bad. I assume you mean the 'standing at bar' animation; I don't think there were any others.
  14. You still love it though, secretly ;)
  15. I particularly like the 'pub' tab. As long as you avoid the sentence "we don't exactly own this place, but we have an understanding with the people that do..." in the dialogue, you're onto a winner.
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