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  1. Jinx3d1

    xp login...not quite

    hey guys, Ive been trying to figure this out all day. I can not login to windows xp... the login process starts and then quickly swithces to logging off... I have tried everything I can think of, from clearing the registry, checking out various registry flags such as for userinit, ive disabled services, uninstalled several things and a ton of other things. does anyone know what the problem may be? thanks.
  2. Jinx3d1

    i enjoy physics, i need guidance

    a lot of companies now days license physics engines such as novodex, havock, etc. I would suggest learning how to use several of the large physics engines, create some demos etc and maybe build your own rigid/soft body physics system.... put all of that on a resume and start applying for a job. good luck!
  3. Jinx3d1

    DIY games.... hacked!

    hey guys I just went to diy games only to find the words "Hohohoho hacked by system spykids".... after running a quick search, it looks like several sites have been attacked by them, all of which were running mambo. Just a heads up.
  4. Jinx3d1

    strange clipboard problem

    hi, im having a problem with windows clipboard. Im thinking maybe it's some security feature built into windows, idk. what im trying to do is take a simple screen shot of a movie so that I can set it as my desktop. Simple enough right, well it's not. I took the screen shot with the standard print screen function, pasted it to a new image, added some extra graphics to it, saved it and closed out of photoshop (I made sure all layers were merged). Well, when I tried to open the image backup, all that was saved was the extra gfx I had added and a black background! I retried it several times, but no luck. Now, im just getting p****d. Any ideas as to what the problem may be?
  5. hey guys, I just got the urge to learn about mysql and php tonight, so I downloaded the newest ver of php and mysql. Also, I grabbed a copy of phpbb2. What I wanted to do was just simply setup a test dbase and install phpb, just to get a feel for everything. Needless to say, I was unable to get it to work. I have tried changing chaning the input in the phpbb install page numours times, but nothing. I was under the impression that once you ran the basic mysql setup wizard and have the mysql server running, it ment that a dbase was created for you. You would think that the mysql site had a article entitled something like "how to create a mysql dbase" but no... I think im looking at this wrong (and getting way ahead of my self) plus Im seeing two of everything right now (tired!). Can someone please, point me in the correct direction? Thanks alot and GOOD NIGHT!. ~J
  6. I have a server running on my system and I can pull up my site by directing my browser to localhost. My friend can also pull it up by entering my LAN ip in his browser so I know the server is running fine. What I want to do though is add a link on my personal site (which is hosted by prohosting) pointing to my server. I guess if I wasn't going through 2 routers, it would be as simple as pointing to my real ip. In short, my question is this: how can I link to my server over 2 routers? thnx.
  7. Hey guys, I just wanted your opinion on this... Im going to be using the Novodex physics engine in my current project. I have already written a decent math library but Im thinking that maybe I should just use the novodex math code. This way here, i could simply: class Mesh { list<NxTriangle> mpTriangles; etc }; What do you guys think?
  8. Jinx3d1

    render state system

    Hey guys! Sorry I didn't reply earlier. Ive been in the process of moving (blech). Anyway, Jason's approach seems really cool. However, it does lead me to another question: when using shaders, is it possible to do basic effects such as simple blending without ever using the api's common function? My dilema right now is that the only system I have to code on, does not support shaders and I can not replace the gfx card (because it's a laptop). So as far as doing anything with shaders, I have to play a guessing game as to if thier going to work or not (of course I can always test on my friends systems) but it makes development a total pain (this problem has kept me from learning anything about shader programming). So with that said, im going to just do my sorting based on materials and textures. Owell, the game that me and my friends are going to be working on, won't really require a very complex engine anyway (think spyro gfx :) (sorry for necroing the thread if I did).
  9. Jinx3d1

    render state system

    Hey, thanks Tom. Im like your idea and I may use a simular approach. Im curious though, how does your class hierarchy chain look? ie. what derived from the geo nodes, your mesh classes, static world meshes, etc?
  10. Hey guys Ive been working on a render state system for my project for a few days now, but im just not happy with the design. So, for a few hours I have been rethinking things and came up with a few alternatives, but Im curious to see how you guys approach this. Basically, right now what I have is a simple renderstate class which has a list of which states are enabled and thier properties. For example: mBlendingEnable... mBlendSrcFunc, mBlendDstFunc... When you want to change how something is rendered, you would simply create a new RenderState instance, set the values accordingly and set it as the current rendering state to use. Now, I had originally had a few renderstate management functions in my rendersystem class, such as push/pop state, getcurrent etc. However, I wasn't considering state changes and so, im thinking im going to need to create a much more complex system to incorporate state sorting and such. However, what would be cool about this method is that, I could have a "RenderState modifier" class which would simply define it's own renderstate instance and then set the linked object's current renderstate with the modified. Alrighty, well, im rambling on so i'll get to the point.. How do you guys approach state swapping and sorting? I figure that I could always overload the == operator to check if which states are the same and then group all of the entities together like that, but... idk. Hmmmm.
  11. Jinx3d1

    time and date macros...

    lol.. I thought about it just a few minutes ago and realized I already know __TIME__ and __DATE__ but those only give the time and date at compile time. There was another one though that would give you the time and date at run time... hrm... Im going to try __TIMESTAMP__ thnx.
  12. Hey guys, just a quick question... I used to a predefined macro which would give the time and date. I can not remeber what it was for the life of me, any idea? Thnx.
  13. Jinx3d1

    The gradual decline in oil

    I remember reading a paper a while back stating that scientist believe they should have fully functional fusion generators by the year 2020. Anyway, IMHO, the biggest problem has and always will be greed. Cars are not made to be as fuel efficient as they could be and fossil fuels are still be used instead of the already existing alternatives simply because they can charge more for it. It's painfully obvious that "the end" is near. And why? Simply because people are assholes (especially us americans).
  14. Jinx3d1

    quick question...

    god, that was strange. I just tried using then lib I already had built and voilet. It didn't work yesterday...strange. well, now I have to figure out why my app crashed ;)
  15. Jinx3d1

    quick question...

    well, thats the problem. The dll compiled ok, but it did not give me a static lib. I can't figure out why. I tried building just a static lib, but when I tried using in my project, it said there was a bunch of undeclared functions glfw was trying to call. Anyway, I guess Ill just have to keep trying. Thanks for your input.
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