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  1. Works fine on my ibook PPC Mac OS X 10.4.9 and powerbook PPC 10.3.9 I did the first 3 tutorials and then started a 'versus' and went to save but it didn't show that I could later load what I saved (although it said it successfully saved). Possibly this is because I never took it out of the .dmg but other than that it works fine on my two macs and I really like the sounds and sound effects :) But I didn't see the end turn shortcut key? That would have been helpful or at least make the end turn button bigger? I'm just curious...what is this written in/with? Also, is this going to be free or shareware? I'll play this more later it seems fun so far, thanks! :) oops forgot to add specs: ibook has 512MB ram 1.42Ghz PowerPC G4 powerbook has 640MB ram 867 Mhz PowerPC G4
  2. cppgirl

    solved..closed LAN IP#?

    edit: <removed my flip remarks> ^_^' no need for it I'll just parse netstat... [Edited by - cppgirl on March 24, 2007 10:29:18 AM]
  3. Hi, how can I get my LAN IP# in linux please (programmatically)? I want a way to do it in preferably C++ code (function/method) but I'd be willing to rely on SDL_net way or Tcl way too but I'd rather a C++ way :) Parsing ifconfig isn't an option because some versions of linux require root level to run ifconfig (as in the version I use slackware). P.S.: I already have a way to do this via wxWidgets in MS Windows and Mac OS X I'm trying to find out how to in Linux (without having to parse ifconfig or netstat!) the wx way isn't working in Linux. I havent been on this site in a while so my merely posting here is because I've tried two other forums with no success and lots of googling :/ This is for my MMORPG!!! ... ( kidding about the last part ^_^ ) [Edited by - cppgirl on March 24, 2007 10:59:53 AM]
  4. cppgirl

    how to register a LLC online?

    Thanks a lot for that reply. I've been reading a bunch of sites and Harvard Business Services seem pretty reasonable.
  5. Hi, I haven't been on this site in a long long time but i remember once seeing somebody post links to websites that you can register a LLC (and in a couple months I will be ready to!). I'd like to please have some links to a website that I can register a LLC that is legitmate ^_^ I know a google search has 100s of sites but I don't trust some random site with my $300+ ... I'd like a recommendation of a site that you have actually used or know somebody that did please. ps. I didn't even remember my password and I saw some of my old comments like this http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=307423 =) Wow, time flies... They have since published a book on wx (the only wx book) and I've read it TWICE ^_^ Thanks!
  6. stopped reading that other messed up book and went out and got Palm OS Programming Bible 2nd Ed. much better :)
  7. Quote:Or are we supposed to magically divine what your problem on an unfamiliar system with a codebase we haven't seen is? I have a link to the files in my original post on this very server... have you actually used prc-tools with SDK 4? If not, you are just saying abstract things like learn how to debug...that doesn't help I was looking for specific help. that is why I also copied and pasted this into more advanced forums on other palmos sites. Was hoping (slim chance) that somebody with actual knowledge and experience of what I'm trying to do would reply...
  8. that wasn't helpful. And if I knew how to debug it I wouldn't be reading chapter three and asking how to compile 'Hello World' and I don't have those files. they are already compiled I think ? I only have the *.h's how is not cross posting going to help? I'm not cross posting in this site. It doesn't affect you at all. [Edited by - cppgirl on September 20, 2005 3:11:03 PM]
  9. I'm using: linux 2.4.29 (i686) (slackware 10.1) prc-tools-2.3-i486-2ajl palmos SDK 4 (first tried 5.3r but same problems then too) POSE 3.5 and trying to get chapter 3's "Hello World" example working from Palm OS GAME Programming, by Nicholas Pleis ISBN: 1-931841-19-5 to compile I do this: m68k-palmos-gcc -palmos4 -c main.cpp m68k-palmos-gcc *.o -o main m68k-palmos-obj-res main build-prc hello_world.prc "Hello" GPP0 *.grc (no errors are given during compiles, btw) I then get a *.prc to compile and install in the emulator but then when I open it in POSE it gives three errors and needs a reset :( errors: ########################### Hello (unknown version) called SysFatalAlert with the message: "UIResource.c, Line:88, Resource for app form 1004 not found". ------------------ Hello (unknown version) called SysFatalAlert with the message: "MemoryMgr.c, Line:4365, NULL handle". ------------------ Hello (unknown version) called SysFatalAlert with the message: "MemoryMgr.c, Line:4450, Nil Ptr".Hello (unknown version) just read from memory location 0xFFFFFFF8, causing a bus error. A "bus error" means that the application accessed a memory location that is not in RAM or ROM, nor corresponds to a memory-mapped hardware register. ########### I looked at the *.h and they are what the book gave me on the CD-ROM except I fixed a punctuation with the include header from a 'c' to a 'C' and it seems fine but why all the errors? What am I doing wrong? Why can't I even make 'Hello World'?! I checked and the publisher of the book has no errata...actually they don't even have a working web site :( http://www.premierpressbooks.com/ here are the files I'm using when I compile I left the intermediate files in there too *.grc, *.o palm_woes.tar.gz 15kb Also, I've ran palmdev-prep as root and it gives no errors. Please help. ^_^' p.s. the example from the book's CD-ROM itself even gives some memory leak errors after it displays Hello World. :{ [Edited by - cppgirl on September 20, 2005 2:43:27 PM]
  10. cppgirl

    a better backup even! ^_^

    the SD card costs like $105.00 (us) I bought it retail of course in Circuit City :/ I hate Circuit City but them and Best Buy are close to me ...I miss Micro Center :(
  11. cppgirl

    a better backup even! ^_^

  12. cppgirl

    a better backup even! ^_^

    Well I was happy with the 128MB JumpDrive keychain until I was thinking well maybe that's not such a good idea what if I drop my keys or go near magnets or it rains or... So I was looking online and I found out that SD cards go up to 4GB now! and they're much smaller than pendrives even! they are as big as a postage stamp and I already have a 64MB one for my palm but I looked online and found that my m505 palm can only reliably handle 1GB SD cards so I immediately of course went to Circuit City and bought a 1GB Secure Digital card :) Yesterday I mounted the 64MB SD card to slackware as /dev/sda1 so now I have both a SD and usb pendrive backup storage! :) But the tiny SD card is 8 x as big as the pendrive one :D And I can just put it inside my pda anyways so it'll be more secure than the pendrive I think. I couldn't get my compact flash drive to mount in slack yet though :( and I haven't tried the MM card drive yet because my old MP3 player won't spit out the card its jammed in there :/ And I still have to get my old serial Wacom Tablet to work and I was reading about it and wow it lookks complicated so I'll probably procrastinate about that until I need to draw something o_O I'm still only on chapter 2 of my Palm OS Game Programming book because I've been playing around too much with zsnes =( But I plan on reading it right now. Here's a pic of my new SD 1GB card :)
  13. cppgirl

    PHP problems

    just looking at the bottom of your code: I think maybe you don't have the correct path...is it in the same directory as the *.php script? try commenting out the chmod line and the $fp lines #chmod("file.txt", 755); $message = $tankid." ".$myrank." ".$opprank." ".$pp." ".$duels; #$fp = fopen("file.txt","a"); #if(!$fp) { # print "error! The file could not be opened"; # exit; #} #fwrite($fp, $message); #fclose($fp); ### INSERT my code below right here :) ### ?> and try this: # change this line to the EXACT location of file.txt $the_file = '/home/playbf/public_html/gotcha/file.txt'; # true absolute path! if (file_exists($the_file) && is_writable($the_file)) { $fp = fopen ( $the_file, 'a'); flock($fp, LOCK_EX); fwrite ($fp, $message); flock ($fp, LOCK_UN); fclose ($fp); } else { echo 'Eh?!'; } Then either use your webcontrol panel to change the file permission of file.txt to 644 that means READ/WRITE, READ, READ (owner, group, other) or I doubt it but if you can SSH or telnet then just do it manually that way too :) Or some FTP programs even let you change file permissions from them like I believe Filezilla does. I'm pretty sure your problem is the PATH or permissions. If this doesnt work ask your webhost if you are allowed to change file permissions. And just because web security is an interest/hobby of mine =) Well...I'm not sure what you're doing with this script but it's really unsafe as it looks now. You might after you get this working also want to change a few more things like checking the data that you get before you do anything else with it to make sure it doesn't have weird stuff you don't want in it. Also do not make any 7's in your chmod'ing :) that means executable and you don't want that. Also, a much better place to keep any kinda of file that is writable even by (hopefully just you) is to hide the file from the WWW. your *.php will still be able to see it if you put the file 'under' the public_html or whatever directory and also rename the file .file.txt (you don't even need the .txt part too actually) so like it could go to '/home/playbf/.file' and change that in the $the_file line too. And even better see if your server will let you make it chmod 600 so other people on your server but maybe in your 'group' can't do any sneaky stuff. And maybe use 'stripslashes()' php function along with other stuff like trim() to the data before you ever try and read it again in another webpage to help prevent cross-scripting (which means like somebody putting in some javascript or something to redirect people without them knowing it or other things :) Anyways maybe this is all too much. But its things like this script that is why somebody might be able to do anything from change their scores...to read your email..break into your pc, spam from your pc, attack other from your web server or pc, or just delete/steal your files *shrug* So before you make a script writable like this online think twice about stuff because there's a whole under world of bad people that look for sites like that to take advantage of ^_^' sorry for such a long reply...it's just one of my hobbies ^_^'
  14. cppgirl

    PHP problems

    is the path to file.txt correct? does file.txt even exist? look on line 410 :) also make sure you chmod file.txt to 644 or whatever.
  15. cppgirl

    BASIC tutorial

    Ugh. If you want to learn gamebasic go ahead. Don't listen to strangers about what language you should learn. 5 years ago I used to listen to everybody else and I wasted many months on VisualBasic and Perl o.O I was in a chat room in a place and asked how do I program? Of course people in this particular chatroom were all like you gotta download VB!! ^_^' Anyways, i felt bad for you and I looked on google for about 30 seconds and found this link http://free.prohosting.com/gamesbas/tutorial/tutorial.htm it looks like what you are looking for but I myself never used gamebasic nor have I obviously read that tutorial. and from that above site there is this too http://www.gamesbasic.com/portal/ good luck.
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