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  1. I am looking for a 3d artist to create a high poly character. This character is a Sci-Fi soldier. This will be a medium build male character. He should have body armor on and a helmet. I am looking for three texture variations (red, blue and purple). I want a small amount of emissive textures. Just enough to identify the players. I want a high poly baked onto a low poly mesh. I also would like 3 LODs. The character needs to be rigged to Unity's human mecanim skeleton. No animations are needed. Please note that I am buying the exclusive rights to the character. It can't not be sold, given away or used in any other project. You will retain the right to use it in your portfolio. Here is a picture to show a better understanding of what I am looking for: https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fimages.alphacoders.com%2F300%2Fthumb-1920-300003.png&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwall.alphacoders.com%2Fbig.php%3Fi%3D300003&docid=ty_yywcMEpxRdM&tbnid=9B3PYb_b1s5TaM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwjs-fmZipzgAhXNm-AKHQqlA8gQMwidASglMCU..i&w=1599&h=895&client=firefox-b-1-d&bih=984&biw=1920&q=gears%20of%20war%203&ved=0ahUKEwjs-fmZipzgAhXNm-AKHQqlA8gQMwidASglMCU&iact=mrc&uact=8 The chest plates are tinted blue. This is what I would want to see colored with the red, blue and purple. Also the shoulder straps have emissive blue, this is also where I would like to see the red, blue and purple. This is an example. Maybe a little bit added to the legs. I need it to be unique to avoid copy right but similar style and quality. I will also be looking for a female (light) character and another male (heavy) character. Depending on cost will determine when I can afford them. I would like to use the same person for all three models. Please send me your price (please denote the currency I am in the USA). Rough time estimate. Samples of previous work. Please send to jfwalsh2 AT kobaltic.com
  2. I am looking for a dedicated business partner. A 3d artist is a plus but not required. I would prefer someone in the USA and you must be 18 or older. I am looking for a partner that has some understanding of business and maybe started a few, succeeded or failed and learned a thing or two. The art style would be similar to Clash Royale. I would prefer the artwork to be 3d and converted to sprites. It is high tech with droids and robots. Please note - I am looking to get the project funded in the next 90 days or so. If the project gets funded it would be a full time job with a full salary and money for benefits. I do not have time to keep working part time on projects. (see the cash flow spreadsheet below for salary information). I am also open to suggestions and changes to estimates. ABOUT ME: I have ran 6 business. Most of them failed. Most failed do to lack of marketing. One failed do to lack of being bonded. I understand what it takes to run a business. I have helped several successful business owners with running their businesses (family businesses). I am a professional programmer by day and by night. I love to program. I also do level design. I live in PA, USA. PROTOTYPE: I made a small prototype of a game similar to Clash Royal in Unity. I chose this since there is a well established cash flow to the game. It is also one of the most profitable games ever on mobile. I would like to add more to the money making side of things. Custom skins, limited edition characters, 'foil' characters are some ideas. For marketing I was thinking Youtubers, google ads, discord with clash royal clan members and a reward system. I was thinking that you get a bonus of some time once your referral spends $1. It still has a bug or two in it. I themed it futuristic and the intent was to use androids or robots. The prototype level is futuristic but the characters are not. That is where you come in. I want you to create some futuristic characters for the prototype. I have a list of cards on Trello. It is a 3d world and 2d sprites. There are some issues in the video. I want to create the world and characters in 3D and convert them to 2D. Also after testing on a phone the background is barely visible and I think it is too intense for mobile. The prototype is fully networked. Please keep in mind this is a prototype and not the finished product. Droid Slaughter Video Trello Board for Droid Slaughter ISSUE: Unity dropped their networking (Unet) and purchased a 3rd party. I made the entire game in Unet. Once they dropped it they made it open source. The good news is that a person on the forums modified it and made it better. He also took out the components that charged money. So now there is no fee. However support is small. It also isn't deterministic. The work around is that the server handles everything and the client receives updates (possible lag). There is a deterministic network engine from Photon. It costs $1,000 per month(was $10,000 per year maybe still is) but comes with professional support and there is no lag. The down side besides the price is that I would have to redo all the networking to the new code. https://www.photonengine.com/en-US/Quantum CASH FLOW: I came up with some projections. I based it loosely off of Clash Royal. I did around 1% of what Clash actually did. I also included a salary for us and additional money for insurance and taxes. I read that you should give yourself enough salary to be able to live and focus on the business. If you have to focus on money to keep your house the business will suffer since you aren't focused on it. I did it at $96,000 per year and the program figured out the additional for insurance and taxes. I would suspect that the amount I have allotted to contractors is too low and would most likely raise the rates after discussion. Cash Flow Spreadsheet BUSINESS PLAN: I did a bunch of research on the business plan and included what I came up with. I included resources for the parts that should have them. The parts in red are suggestions that should be taken out before the final version is made. Business Plan CROWDFUNDING: I found several equity crowdfunding sites. Most of them require a minimum of $500 to invest in a company. Several require of $1,000. This would lead us to a few better investors instead of a bunch of people pitching in 5 bucks. I would not give up more then 45% of the company. Keeping majority control between you and I. If you and I were give up majority control I don't think I would want to stay. That would simply mean we have another boss. Also I have seen some things were the investors don't actually get voting power. It seems they simply share in the profits but have no say in company matters. I would really prefer that type of situation. https://www.crowdfunder.com/ https://wefunder.com/explore Email me at games@walshtechnologies.com Thanks James
  3. How much of the game is done? Is it in any kind of playable state?
  4. Thanks for the information. Would you be willing to share how well the game did? Ball park figures? Thanks.
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