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  1. While I've never used these properties I would imagine the property list automatically get cleaned up when the associated window closes. Just to be on the safe side though I would be inclined to remove properties as part of the windows close code at the very least.
  2. You could always take a look at the Steam Hardware Survey. They don't directly check OpenGL support (not sure why not) but you can at least get an idea of what cards are being used by gamers more by checking the video card results. That might give you a bit of insight anyways.
  3. Sounds like World Machine to me. Good program that one.
  4. px

    boost filesystem iterate

    Just a quick note about your solution there... You should either remove the 'int loopcounter' from the start of the code or remove the 'int' from the for loop. right now you're creating two variables with the same name. What's the value of loopcounter after the loop is done? ;)
  5. px

    What can you do with the UDK?

    Here's a sampling of what the Unreal engine is capable of. Scroll down to the Unreal engine 3 section for more current titles. Basically, if you can imagine it, you can build it with UDK... and as an added bonus it's pretty nice to work with and is updated often.
  6. This doesn't really do anything to help you with your problem, but... How about having the quality of the items in the chest depend on the distance the chest is away from the shortest path. That way people who want to just rip through a dungeon fast will still have some chance of finding goodies and people who take their time and explore get a better chance. Just a thought...
  7. px

    Template Overriding

    Perhaps it's because your template is a good match for you function call. If you had used a regular function (int pow(int, int)) rather than a template then it wouldn't match for floats and thus use the one in math.h. Also, one should use <cmath> rather than <math.h> ;) Edit: interesting... doing it either way seems to work with Visual Studio though.
  8. px

    Stanford AI Class this Semester for Free

    Sounds cool. Thanks for the heads-up.
  9. I would say go with DX11. DX10 will only run on DX10 (and up) hardware whereas DX11 will run on DX9 (and up) hardware. It should be noted though that both (officially) require Windows Vista or higher so if you want to develop for Windows XP you'll have to stick with DX9. But that's just my 2 cents and I'm by no means and DX expert ;]
  10. I believe you should be adding the current movement to the previous movement. So when setting z_cam you should be do something like z_cam += 1; (or -= 1 as the case may be) and not resetting it to 0 after drawing.
  11. The problem you're having here is that you've created an array of size 1 (ie. just 1 string) to hold each line of the file. When you're reading the file you reset the counter (variable i) whenever it exceeds the size (variable size). Single-stepping through the code with your debugger should give a clear view of what's going on. I would recommend replacing that array with a vector<> of strings.This way you don't need to worry about overflowing a buffer because the vector worries about that for you
  12. px

    Ogre3d vs Irrlicht vs Horde3d vs ?

    As NewBreed said, Ogre is a very powerful engine. That power comes with a fairly steep learning curve so you'll need to be prepared to spend some time just playing with things and learning the ropes. It's we laid out, has tons of features an active and helpful community. Irrlicht is very easy to get up and running with. I don't think it's considered as powerful as Ogre but you can still get some great results out of it. It still seems to be fairly actively developed and last time I was there (a long time ago admittedly) the community was very helpful. Horde3D kind of surprised me when I first used it. It seemed very small (it's basically just a C wrapper around some OpenGL stuff) compared to the other yet I managed to get some good results (they would have been better results if I actually had any artistic talent ) I really liked the way it's rendering pipelines worked. Unfortunately it seems like development on it has stalled out. But perhaps that's because the devs already brought it as far as they had planned *shrug* My recommendation to you would actually be to give each of them a try and see what works best for you and your needs.I'm sure that's not really the answer you were hoping for but that's really the best way to ensure you get what's right for you.
  13. px

    Is there a way?

    floor(log(n)) + 1 to be exact
  14. px

    Flash GUI in Direct3D

    IMHO:\/ use abstract thought. if company not agree with use product in project they contact with team. If team need get Eval-they contact with company and in email agree with license/ correcting for individual Why you is very correct on Copyright? For Example: I have Unreal Engine 3 source ->i use this is engine only for my NOT commercical projects-this is my right,udk me not interested.=if i not get money=i not have problems-i dont have publisher,not share Engine src and etc. If i not right.please correct me [/quote] Is there a difference between stealing a car and driving it on the road to go to work/shopping/etc VS. stealing a car and only driving it in your yard? @sipickles: Not sure if this old thread will be any help or not but here it is anyways.
  15. px

    On the book section

    [quote name='__sprite' timestamp='1296686756'] I don't know what Zoinks or Jinkies are, so I picked one at random. Hopefully this won't cause you to do or not do something in response to community feedback. [/quote] Watch more Scooby-doo. Now. Seriously. Go. What are you still sitting there for? @John: Looking forward to having a useful books section. Thanks and keep it up! (the book section stuff that is... ahem...)
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