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  1. Well thanks for sharing the info. I appreciate it. In reality I am just trying to decide what our next step will be. I have a very good full time job, but was considering leaving it to make games full time. I'm fortunate enough to have the approval for a very large loan and was considering doing it. Our current game Acamar Rising has done ok for us, but not enough to live on full time. We got a couple of publishing deals which made us some money. We are considering moving into casual games because they are quicker to make and possibly more profitable. But if I go through with the loan I want to be sure I can pay it back. Anyway I'm still in the process of researching all my options. This posting is part of the research so I thank you all for your help. Also I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks beteogames
  2. brvids

    Project Management noob

    This is all great advice for you. Just step up to the plate and make a decision. The important thing is to get started! When you talk, talk, talk all that happens is the idea fizzles out. Especially if you are an indie working for nothing. I know from experience. If you aren't comfortable being the leader then tell whoever is to make the decision and go with it. Ok thats my two cents on it.
  3. brvids

    Project Management noob

    Honestly just go for it! Obviously you do need to have some direction. But it really motivates you once you start actually working on the game and seeing your ideas come to life. There is no need for an extremely complexed design, especially when you are an independent developer. Because chances are you aren't going to get rich off it anyway. But who knows. Just get a general idea and start doing it!
  4. Ok I think I just misunderstood what you were saying. It sounded at first like you were saying they just don't put no name games on the shelf. But I read it again and now it makes sense.
  5. It seems to me that it would be very tough to make a living as an indie developer. Unless you happen to make the next tetris or bejeweled type hit. I guess if you have a small team willing to work for beans it might be possible. haha! Well anyway good info to have.
  6. Great information! Thank You.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has an idea what kind of revenue per year a full time small indie development company is able to generate? Or maybe there are some small full time indie developers on this forum that wouldn't mind sharing. Say for casual games. Thanks
  8. Quote:Original post by Obscure Quote:Original post by BrendanH I guess the issue arises with getting them to decent retail outlets, is there any chance of getting them there without the backing and marketing muscle of a big publisher? Almost none, for the following reasons: 1. You have to pay the retailers a lot of money as marketing contributions (you pay to have your game in their brochure, and to have posters, mobiles and other stuff that highlights your game). 2. They buy games based on the size of their marketing budget because they don't want to waste shelf space on games that customers have never heard of (and are thus unlikely to buy). 3. In addition to the above you take up too much time. Setting up an account and talking with you will take as much effort as talking to a big publisher that will put 10+ games on their shelf. Its better business for them to talk to a few big publishers than lots of small, single game, companies. 4. Supply and demand - there are far more games published than there is shelf space available. Unless they believe your game will be massive (that opinion is based on the size of your marketing budget) there are better games to put on the shelf. Go with digital download. I agree, but it's crazy considering how many no name games you see on the shelf. Makes you wonder how the developers of these no name titles actually got there game on the shelf. Luck maybe? Also there are tons of value titles. I would think you might have a decent chance as a value title.
  9. I have a ton of unused models I've made for our game Acamar Rising. I might be able to give you a couple asteroids. I know what a pain it is to find stuff. Let me know. beteogames
  10. Yes Captain P is exactly right. I was thinking about that myself. The stars need to vary a lot more in brightness and size. But by no means am I calling myself an expert. Here is a scene I made for a new upcoming version of our game that you can reference as far as star variation. But otherwise I still think it looks awesome! beteogames
  11. Yeah looks great! Personally I would go a little lighter on the stars though. It starts to look very busy and the more stars, the less natural of a feel you get from it. But really overall it looks great.
  12. brvids


    Yeah that is pretty much what I have been finding out about blender. The UI is a bit crazy. Anyway thanks for the info.
  13. brvids


    Well this seems like a great place for info. So I have another question. Is anyone out there a lightwave user? I've heard a lot of good things about it and was wondering if I should consider buying it. Is version 7.5 any good? Noticed it was only $495. Also what is better about it versus using a free program like blender? And is there a demo? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks. beteogames
  14. brvids

    Photoshop Question

    Cool thanks for all the info. I think I will be upgrading even though I don't think I have pushed photoshop 7 anywhere near its limits.
  15. brvids

    Blender Game Engine question

    Hold on now. Blender game engine? Is that a full blown 3d engine for making your game? I've heard something about it but never really made the connection. If so is it any good?
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