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  1. Magnus Wootton

    MOS chess board new SS

    simply beautiful.
  2. Magnus Wootton

    3d textures

    i love 3d textures. look to bottom dude who posted this. now for dribbling-=-- but what i love more is 3d sprites!!!! they can be a simple as you want or complex as you want. you can do 3d sprites, you store em as vertices, each vertex a point. its getting to the stage these days is that your 3d models are looking more and more like 3d sprites anyway... a low poly model, if far away enough from the camera is a 3d sprite anyway. so people who say 3d sprites are useless i sorta agree. but if you are really into storing 3d matter they can be attractive, like that 3d sprite of that "adam" guy in a hospital mainframe. animating 3d sprites is basicly impossible... stick with models, you can bump map em anyway... yeh, well, vector graphics bypassed sprites so you might as well say that for 3d models, you can tween vectors, you cant tween sprites. all this complex stuff that was brought up yeh, beyond me... but us idiots can make games too, like how smart do have to be to make 3d donkey kong. hehehe im happy with myself. obviously layered data is useful if your a genius... but yeh that dude said "you dont know what your getting yourself into due to ram allocation" yeh your right. if all you want is a 3d rock, im sure polygons'll do, but keep going you psycho brain! yay 3d sprites! god im an idiot. sorry for dribbling shit anyway... just do parrallax occlusion mapping. its cool looks 3d i can send a demo if u want i can TEEEEEEEAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCHH you you big dummy! hhHAHAEHHAEHEAHEHAEHAEHA email at rouncer81@hotmail.com dont forget! i paste spam whereever i take my silly self lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa skip to the loo my darwing.
  3. Magnus Wootton

    screenshot of a rts game

    i reckon loose looks better than solid. looks fucking sick to me. your game probably looks crapola.
  4. Magnus Wootton

    screenshot of a rts game

    http://magnus.cranscomputers.com/Deluxe.jpg im back with another screen shot. what do u think?
  5. Magnus Wootton

    Tank!Game 2, 3D tank shooter

    hell yeh! looks like retro vr. :)
  6. Magnus Wootton

    really shiny tank

    http://magnus.cranscomputers.com/shinytank.jpg everyone said my tank was too shiny and it should be camoflagued so i made it even more shiny.
  7. Magnus Wootton

    free original cool art works

    hi im a beginner artist that does retro game titles. ive got pretty good proportion. heres a sample of my work :-: http://www.geocities.com/magnus_wootton/fairyposter.jpg if you want a title screen or any splash at all, an original logo for your game or an icon of any kind give me an email at magnus_wootton@hotmail.com and ill see what i can do for you. note im just a beginner but i do my pictures pixel by pixel so they are all guaranteed original and done properly. im getting better every new picture i do. like that fairy picture could be crap compared to the one i do for you (if i fluke it) :) i can do anything from tough dudes with big guns to cutesy forests and magic to dark wizards to space mutants, theres no limit to what id attempt. and if you dont like it, dont use it, you didnt pay anything anyway so who cares. if you want a nice original piece of artwork, give me an email. feel free to comment on my pic, and can someone tell me how to show links and pictures... i still dont know how.
  8. Magnus Wootton

    screenshot preview of an rts game

    i wanted the game to be futuristic, and i knew bump mapping looks best metallic, so thats the way i chose to do it. it has nothing to do with reality, i dont think games should have anything to do with reality. personally, i avoid any world war 2 games and anything that has the boredality to copy this place we are already living. To the guy that liked the turret ::: hell yeah :) i know it looks like c&c thats how i wanted it, sorta futuristic. that was totally on my mind when i was pullin the vertices around for it. why all these comments about the terrain when its not even done yet. O o --- the next screen shot will have the land, but are you gonna diss me for not having the morrowind water in it yet? thats right, we are doing that for the game. its gonna be so close to saleable im pretty sure once weve filled in all the gaps.
  9. Magnus Wootton

    Advice for a 3DModelling contest

    seems to me your just trying to cheese your way out of making your own graphics. your ploy wont work anyway, all the models will look completely apart from each other so your game will look crap anyway. go make your own models c**k s****r, im not giving you mine.
  10. Magnus Wootton

    Please TEST My Game -- CIRCUIT PYRAMID

    its more than good enough for a cell phone game, as is. some cell phones use java dont they, id like to get into that business too. thats the coolest idea.
  11. Magnus Wootton

    Hollywood's rendering techniques...

    bump mapping makes your models look like gluey shiny plastic http://www.geocities.com/magnus_wootton/Building.jpg i think bump mapping is the coolest thing to come out. that along with fur shaders, they are amazing also. fur shaders are similar to bump mapping... all the coolest looking stuff that just came out are the shaders that play around with the texture coordinates due to input vectors and constant settings. velvet shaders look really cool too, like out of the new grand theft auto game, the chrome and paint on the vehicles look totally photorealistic. its all to make the surface of the models more interesting than they used to be. thats what we got now that we didnt have before, and i reckon indie games are gonna benefit just as much as the pro games will, if people actually start using these new shaders instead of dousing them all the time. an idiot told me my graphics was "over shaded" what a pissoff. its shaders, and the fact that we can spawn 100 times the amount of particles we used to be able to (for lawns and crop fields) that look totally cool... every single blade of grass can move in the wind by itself. and like the waterfalls out of unreal 2, done with clever particling. particle systems were always the speccy thing to do, even back in 2d.
  12. Magnus Wootton

    What is Gridwerx?

    wonderful drawings.
  13. Magnus Wootton

    light as camera? for shadow maps

    ha, i never thought of that. im planning on doing shadow mapping myself. make the up vector 0,1,0 you got the front vector and cross it to get the right, have you tried that? tell me if you have tried that yet. anyway, ive got a question myself can you orthogonally project to make the light a directional light? would that work? if you cant work it out look at the latest directx sdk, theres a shadow mapping demo in it. also, do you know if you can make soft shadow maps, cause thats what i really would like. my games bump mapped and if the shadows are soft the game will kick command and conquer generals butt. http://www.geocities.com/magnus_wootton/Building.jpg
  14. Magnus Wootton

    screenshot preview of an rts game

    http://www.geocities.com/magnus_wootton/Building.jpg ive made the first building for it. looks really speccy when you go past it with the camera, the pic doesnt really do it justice. as you can see, the land is looking pretty crap now under the models. :)
  15. Magnus Wootton

    screenshot preview of an rts game

    hey thanks. you know a lot of people actually didnt like my graphics. cool ill keep going then.
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